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Pro-Russian Officials Warn Of Major Ukrainian Offensive In Kherson

Pro-Russian Officials Warn Of Major Ukrainian Offensive In Kherson

Turning out of the war in Ukraine Russian installed officials and her son say they’re bracing for a major Ukrainian offensive the kremlin-backed Deputy Administrator said quote the battle for her son will begin in the very near future now at the same time the new commander in charge of Russia’s Army in Ukraine said the situation in.

That region was quote tense and difficult NBC News correspondent Cal Perry joins us now from Kiev with more on this hi Cal so pro-russian officials there in her son are clearly concerned about this looming battle with Ukrainian forces we also know they’ve been evacuating civilians there tell us what we’ve heard from Kiev about this.

Possible major offensive are they confident they’re going to be able to regain retake territory they have said from the beginning that this is a major point for them this city is a major Focus they want to retake the city because for morale they believe it would be hugely important the fighting has been fierce in the city of hashan.

For months and one of the issues that Ukraine is going to face is as they try to retake this city how much damage are they doing when they retake it the Russians have moved to the other side of the river they’re in these entrenched positions so it’s become this artillery barrage heavy fighting the other thing that’s happening is the Russian forces.

Are moving the civilians out of the area it’s partly because the strategy of this being fairly obvious it’s hard to liberate a town if there’s nobody there when you go in the ukrainians call that forcible obviously moving people they call it Abduction the Russians call it a humanitarian operation you get an idea of how each side is trying to tell the.

Story of Savannah absolutely Cal another area where Ukrainian forces appear to be pushing is that barisia the pro-russian administration there says they repelled an attempt by Ukraine to retake the nuclear power plant of course one of the big concerns we’ve had for months now what more can you tell us about that.

Region so this is another focal point because of the energy infrastructure just like here in Cleveland we have heard some strikes in just the past sort of five minutes that we believe are on energy infrastructure targets there’s one there I don’t know if you heard that in Savannah.

Um the nuclear power plant in zapparizia is a focal point because what the concern is here on the amongst the government is that Russia is going to take the power and divert it back into Russia that they’re going to start choking these Ukrainian cities by first cutting the power then cutting the heat it’s going to be about 20 degrees colder.

Here tomorrow than it is today it’s starting to get very very cold here so zapparizzi is hugely important for Ukrainian forces as the winter approaches Cal you mentioned energy infrastructure we saw yesterday Russian strikes targeting those energy facilities as you just mentioned just heard one now president zielinski said.

30 percent in fact of Ukraine’s power stations have been destroyed in just the last week or so what’s the situation like today and what does that mean for the availability of power for people there it’s dynamic as I talk to you right now we’re hearing the booms and we know that the target is energy infrastructure.

We’ve seen these power plants be targeted sometimes they’re hit sometimes the Russians miss the unfortunate thing is if they miss they usually hit civilian targets you know Kiev is like any other city in the world you have these power substations in in residential neighborhoods some are industrial neighborhoods but these.

Drones come in and they set fire to buildings buildings collapse and I have a feeling that that’s what’s unfolding around me right now as I talk to you as we hear what seems to be the continuation of these strikes absolutely Cal Perry please stay safe thank you so much for being there for us thanks for watching our YouTube channel.

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