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Prince Harry’s most EXPLOSIVE claims as memoir mistakenly goes on sale | Newshub

Prince Harry’s most EXPLOSIVE claims as memoir mistakenly goes on sale | Newshub

Prince Harry’s closely guarded Salon Memoir spear has mistakenly gone on sale and it appears to detail shocking disclosures on nearly every page we learned yesterday Harry claims his brother William physically assaulted him in 2019 but the leaked copy is full of other salacious claims among them Harry says he and William beg their father.

Charles not to marry Camilla and even accused his stepmother of leaking stories Harry also claims to have killed 25 Taliban fighters and two Army tours to Afghanistan when he was a helicopter Gunner Harry sees William and Kate encouraged him to Don the notorious Nazi uniform he wore to a 2005 costume party and then held with laughter when they.

Saw it Adam hollingworth has more you’ve said it must be hard being the spare first there was the Oprah interview you’ve said some pretty shocking things here then there was the Netflix series it’s a dirty game but Harry held back his most damning allegations for his Memoir spare which went on sale in Spain as en la Sombra or in the shadow five.

Days early by mistake I don’t know how staying silent is ever going to make things better British tabloids have got their hands on copies and quickly translated it into English and claims are explosive Harry says William and Kate approved of him wearing that Nazi Fenty dress uniform that got him into so much trouble in 2005 Harry’s felt second.

Best from childhood he says William took the better bedroom at Balmoral Harry’s take on that Willy was the heir while I was the spare Harry offloads about his brother on everything from the petty his alarming baldness to the profound when you refer to your brother as your beloved brother and arch nemesis there is always been.

This competition between us weirdly I think it really plays into always played by the air spare Father Charles fares little better when Harry’s mother Diana died in 1997. Parr didn’t hug me he wasn’t great at showing emotions under normal circumstances how could he be expected to show them in such a crisis Harry says.

Charles also joked he wasn’t even his son some people will say you have railed against invasions of your privacy all your life but they the accusation will be here are you invading the privacy of your most nearest and dearest without permission that’ll be the accusation that’ll be the accusation from the people that don’t understand or don’t.

Want to believe that my family have been briefing the Press Harry also claims he and William begged their father not to marry Camilla Harry accuses Camilla of leaking details of her conversation with William to the Press then there are the many personal Revelations Harry says he killed 25 other band fighters in Afghanistan while serving as an attack.

Helicopter Gunner he says he took Kane and smoked cannabis and had a bad trip of mushrooms when a rubbish bin started talking to him Harry recounts that he lost his virginity in a grassy field behind a busy pub with an older woman neither Charles nor William have commented on the allegations it’s going to be received from you know by William.

And Charles as the most extraordinary portrayal of trust Charles apparently made one last effort to get Harry and William to reconcile that their grandfather Prince Philip’s funeral saying please boys don’t make my final years a misery but these disclosures already threatened to overshadow the king’s coronation in May.

If you’re invited to the coronation will you come there’s a lot that can happen between now and then a lot can happen but for now there’s little will on either side Adam hollingworth news Hub

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