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Prince Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’ hits the shelves – but his popularity has taken the blow | Newshub

Prince Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’ hits the shelves – but his popularity has taken the blow | Newshub

What may be the most previewed book in the world is finally on sale in bookshops and it’s broken a record on day one after all the leaks some may say it sounds like a broken record too but gentle reader it’s over to you to search it for gems yourself Europe correspondents Lisa Rhema reports the Clock Struck the.

Mccades of Royal secrets and Scandal bound together stacked up in piles all over town all over the world did you just buy a book my mum did what book is it gas spear is finally out in all its Sensational controversial Glory I know a few family members that are like I’m borrowing that book after you finish we know the Duke opens literary fire on the.

Royal family chronicling intensely private moments I think he’s been too public and with all the spoilers some have heard enough what book did you buy I did not buy Harry’s book Harry’s book accidentally went on sale in Spain last week released today in 16 languages London bookstores opened at midnight bracing for cues that just didn’t come I.

Got here at six o’clock and I did expect a cue unfortunately there’s no cue I’m just I’m by myself she wasn’t totally alone are you excited to read it the British priests were clearly expecting crowds of keen readers too despite the half price stickers already being slapped on on Publishers are desperately hoping to recoup the 20 million dollars.

They are said to have paid the Duke of Sussex for his story and it’s looking promising they say the autobiography has become the fastest selling non-fiction book ever with 400 000 copies sold on its first day beaten only by another Harry Potter I think it will go on to be a you know one of the big best sellers of the year since the publicity tour for.

This book began Prince Harry’s popularity has taken a hit the latest polling shows that just 26 percent of the British public has a positive view of the Duke down from 33 percent just a couple of months ago despite all of the pre-sale chaos and commentary there are still plenty of copies going spear if you’re interested in London Lucid Rhema.

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