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Prince Harry’s memoir just hours from release following explosive 24 hour tour of scandals | Newshub

Prince Harry’s memoir just hours from release following explosive 24 hour tour of scandals | Newshub

When we are just hours away from the official Global release of Prince Harry’s book with the public still coming to terms with the excerpts he’s already shared Prince Harry singled out Camilla and the British press for his strongest barbs but his towels from spear have left many people just saying spare us from any more of it Europe.

Correspondents Lisette Rhema reports no is the effort From Dusk to Dawn he’s been talking about his stepmother his father his brother even the queen she never said to me that she was angry I think she was sad that it had got to that point but Prince Harry’s 24-hour tour of scandalous.

Sit-downs has left the public feeling a mixture of both melancholic this young man who everybody used to love and think was such a super personality and very good for the Royal Family and he’s just become a bit of a sad case and mad after finishing the program I thought Harry has confirmed his status as the nation’s biggest plonker the.

Front pages of the papers were again shouting Harry headlines focused on just how racist the royal family really is what having earlier accused the family of asking questions about the skin color of the sussex’s first baby Prince Harry now insists it wasn’t an allegation of racism but rather unconscious bias she’s taken kind of racism off the table now.

You might criticize Harry and Megan for why didn’t we correct this narrative in the last two years what Prince Harry didn’t back down from was his criticisms of the British press and today editors were ready to add their side of the story to the pile no negative story was ever planted with me given to me and I was a royal editor of the mail on Sunday.

And the son to the biggest tabloids Harry has drawn in the ratings more than 15 million people tuned into his interviews last night still not enough to prompt a response from the palace or his family do you speak to William now do you text uh currently in do you speak to your dad we aren’t we haven’t spoken for quite a.

While um no not recently but could the 416 pages of unfiltered Harry about to go on sale be enough to break the palace’s silence in London we said Raymond news Hub

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