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Prince Harry’s friend: ‘Harry should go and live his life’

Prince Harry’s friend: ‘Harry should go and live his life’

With us now in the studio is Ben McBean he’s a veteran of the Royal Marines and also somebody who knows a Prince Harry from those times and been really good to see you here in the studio um how well do you know him um not that well not as from the outside of the military only known from like his time in the military so to speak when.

We’re in Afghanistan and we flew back together now I met him for the first time after that after my injuries and that side of how he was in the military and just after um yeah absolute Top Class dude and as a veteran of of the military what do you make of him his disclosures about the.

Time there the number of people he killed how does that sit with you well yeah I mean that that’s his story and he was there in Afghanistan he fought he was in a different place to where I was um and that that’s what he went for that that’s War um but I suppose it’s almost like you’re.

Like eat your meat but then how it’s made if you know what I mean um that’s the reality of War whether you should have I’d understand that and the guys who’s with probably understand that in the military but saying it out loud to civilians who don’t really maybe get it um obviously doesn’t sit well with him.

So do you not you don’t agree then with some of these um people that we’ve interviewed top military people who’ve said it’s that’s potentially jeopardizing security of himself and other people who are still serving yeah I mean I don’t think it was wise that he said out loud.

Um that’s probably what happened but it’s not wise to say it out loud because then he’s already got a tiger on his back more so than anyone else and it’s probably a bit bigger now and yeah as potentially cause security risk for himself his family which is the last thing he needs.

Um on top of all the other stuff he’s got anything on his plate anyway um but he said it now um and why I said it I don’t know but maybe you just asked a question you just answered it and that’s how he kind of keeps his conscience cleared I don’t know but um.

It probably wasn’t the best idea he said a lot of things hasn’t he Ben um he’s very keen that his side of the story is out there now you’ve described him as a top bloke I think he said um what do you think of the fact that these stories he keeps coming out with them do you think he’s wise to do that you think he’s right to tell his side of.

The story um I suppose if yeah if that’s I mean we’ve heard a lot of what’s in the media and then he’s felt like from America he can say his piece so fair enough if that’s what he wants to say it’s now up to you whether you believe him or not the thing is it’s kind of you’re on their side or the.

Royal family size so to speak there’s no rule in between so if you say anything then you get linked to one or the other but he’s decided to say what you said and it’s up to you whether you want to believe it or not um but he’s probably that’s the right thing to do him in his family so he’s done it and his uh one of the themes.

That always comes through is he believes that the way his now wife then fiance was treated was appalling um particularly by the UK media and that there were strong elements of racism and misogyny in there do you agree and you think that that is how she mistreated um I did feel like every day it was Harry and.

Megan Harry and Megan in a negative way in the media and even like I wasn’t that interested at first um I was just happy for them and then it kind of got on my nerves after a while because it was constant but then when they moved away he felt like from there he could say his peace and he said his peace and then it was up.

To us to see how he felt about it which we have um and I I just think then now just you know if they’re racist or this or that just don’t talk to them just go and live your life um rather than coming back for a little bit more and a little bit more because like today’s happened it’s not really that.

Many favors so so you think that he should just keep his peace now and yeah I think he said a lot enough overall for us to work out you know how he feels about his family um and he’s got enough money in the bank he’s got a beautiful family go and enjoy the rest of your life and just chill um you know keep coming back fighting.

For whatever then right now it’s not really going down too well but it’s sad because he’s such a good guy as well but you feel sad to be personally sad yeah just like he is like not everyone knows him like that I don’t know him that well but I know him enough to say he’s a good guy and a lot of guys will say exactly the same.

Um and almost like what he’s done in the military he’s kind of been overlooked because he’s done more than most for this country and people say that we mustn’t Overlook that that he was very well respected for his time yes that he said yeah yeah is that is that true is that an opinion that’s universally held I think the negative thing military-wise.

That he’s done in my opinion is probably released saying I killed x amount of people because you just wouldn’t really say that even if you had um it’s not a rule but you just probably wouldn’t say it um but apart from that like I mean he wasn’t Apache pilot we used them all the time we needed them.

Um in any War you’d need them and he was up there helping us out big time so and then these Invictus games all the money he’s ready for charity all the awareness and stuff and he’s a good decent bloke um but he’s gone down a different route the minute and that’s overshadowing everything but I don’t think the.

Military now dislike or anything like that I think that’s the thing he’s cool but I think it’s fair to say that he probably shouldn’t have mentioned a couple of bits that he was up to out there yeah um this book hasn’t even been published yet are you going to be reading it no.

I do that because I just Harry’s a cool guy and he went to war did his thing and whatever else and he felt he had to move for safety’s family and everything and I just think you know what good for him and if that’s the last thing he’s gonna say and live happily ever after then good for him I don’t need to go into like looking to all the.

Details of this and that I mean I’ll probably hear it because it will all come out anyway but I won’t be buying the book and sitting there and really getting into it um because I’ll just leave him a bit like you know have the memories that you had from the time yeah yeah and that’s why when I posted a tweet the day and I just said mate just.

Shut up man just leave it because like this is like the good you and at the minute it’s kind of going down that route and like we’ve got four interviews to come well there we go and yeah I think I don’t say anything more about it all right um well really good to have you here in.

The studio uh talking to us about uh your time with him and your thoughts thank you very much indeed

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