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Press Pass | Munster v Northampton Saints

Press Pass | Munster v Northampton Saints

Yeah it’s fantastic news yeah yeah we rang me on Saturday just to tell me to give me a heads up that it was happening yeah it’s great like Marcy is a great character he’s a terrific monster man back in our playing days and um ah brilliant he’s been coaching I think seven or eight years up in Connaught now and he’s been doing really a really.

Really good job I often came up against him when I was working for Leinster in the kind of uh epd orals and with our teams would often Clash at under 20 Level and stuff like that and he always had a really good team and a really good outfit and uh it’s very exciting for us to get Marcy back and we’re really looking forward to working with him it.

Was a funny game in the way we we had an awful lot of the ball in the first half and you couldn’t really write the way it turned out obviously the the sinbins put us under a lot of pressure you know the way we came out fighting we stuck to our um our principals the way we fill the field where we scrambled really really well the amount of time we added to.

Tacos and stuff like that was was hugely exciting and you know it was massive kudos to the lads for the way to defend that day um obviously our discipline wasn’t good enough on the night really we put ourselves Under Pressure through giving away penalties in different areas and that’s always the balance so um look we.

Over the last while we’ve spoken a lot about that we drill a lot we show a lot of pictures and we do an awful lot of analysis on that so um I would hope that that is improving uh all week by week and hopefully look we can go multi-phase 10 15 20 phases you know hold our shape hold our discipline and and see where we can force the mistakes that’s the idea.

That we’re trying to drive home to the lads there’s some really interesting debates happening um in the mornings when we discuss teams and it’s uh it’s very interesting to see the different coaches with different ideas like I want a chop tackler you know forward coaches want a line out option you know everyone is fighting for.

Their further different type of player and it’s really interesting discussions and we have options we have a lot of options there’s a lot of guys playing really well you know the back row is very hotly contested the centers the back tree and it’s very exciting so we we have a really difficult job to pick a team or um later on this week and just.

Trying you know put out the best team that represents us for this weekend you know because look you pick teams I suppose differently depending on the opposition you’re playing so trying to get that balance right for Northampton is really cute but uh yeah big challenge yeah board last train today with white bibs.

On and um they came through recession but uh we’ll see later in the week in terms of following lies and that for definite what are still being monitored we’ll check them again uh tomorrow morning and get feedback from the medical staff and we’ll see then what uh football guys are still in contention but um we’ll be.

Monitoring going deep into the week yeah we kind of look with the contract stuff is is part of our business really but we we try and leave that to one side it’s all about performance and what’s in front of us in terms of the challenge which is Northampton this weekend there’s contract talks ongoing all the time and that’s dealt with uh with wig.

And he take he takes care of that an awful lot thankfully from my point of view as an assistant coach along with Mike pendergaston Andy kiriaku we don’t really have to focus on that and we give us weekly updates or monthly updates on that sort of stuff but uh that sort of business goes on and but everyone is focused on one goal and that’s.


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