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Premier League 2022/23: Who will be champions?

Premier League 2022/23: Who will be champions?

Kieran cunningham is the chief sports writer for the daily star kieran why is it starting earlier you might explain that first of us uh well because of the break for the world cup in qatar because normally obviously the world cup would be played at the start of the summer but because.

Of the bizarre choice of qatar and the climate there you know this summer would be it was a non-runner so it will you know it will run up to you know the finalists just the week before christmas so there’s going to be quite a long break in the premier league in the major leagues across the world because of this and that actually might you know that.

Could have a significant impact on the title race because city like most people do expect it to be another battle between manchester city and liverpool and liberal actually have quite a few other players won’t be going to the world cup compared to city city of only you know holland is the big one that won’t be going and riyad mahrez but.

Most of their their big guns are going where’s quite a lot of liverpool’s big guns aren’t okay so that that world cup break it’s an actual break for a lot of liverpool squad could be quite a traditional for the city squad yeah yeah like liverpool uh like i was announced today they’re going to go to.

Dubai for training camp uh during it but uh you know it would be quite nutritional and be like this season it could be very traditional anyway kieran because because they’re trying they’re not uh they’re trying to cram in so many games because uh uh in a short period period of time before the world cup starts and.

Then after so basically uh for for most you know for bigger clubs for for the vast majority of the season it will be two games a week like no that’s and that’s been you know that was similar maybe last season to an extent but there won’t be any real let up this time.

You know it will be saturday sunday wednesday uh a week after weekly after week well let’s start with tonight’s game the game that gets things uh underway in arsenal traveling to crystal palace uh arsenal had an awful start to the campaign last year and then they had an awful blip when they were uh chasing a champions league.

Spot and crystal palace were part of that blip in the springtime as well but arsenal have spent big haven’t they this summer they have uh yeah that they they’re they’re um they’re an interesting team because on their day they can look really good and often it’s not about uh as much as um.

As who you buy as who you keep you know that’s that’s that like liverpool’s you could argue liverpool’s big signing has been mohamed salah because a lot of people did think he was going to go yeah and arsenal you know sakura osaka was such a promising young player that then you know um you know uh.

So many players so many clubs around the world would love to get them but uh they’ve managed to keep them gabriel jesus that they they took from man city you know he had he has a track record of score in the premier league which is important zinchenko was a very good left back uh fabio vieira uh the attacking midfielder they took from porto he’s.

Highly rated as well so you would you would hope arsenal will kick on but uh you you just wonder about some of the no michael arteta agreed to do one of these all or nothing uh behind the scenes documentaries for a documentary series i think it’s for amazon prime.

And some of you know some of the clips that have come out are just you know you wonder why anybody any manager would agree to this like before a game with liverpool playing you’ll never walk alone at uh training at la you know at full blast you know and then when they get on the pitch like liverpool blow them away so.

In hindsight i think arteta might regret doing that because you know these things can come back to haunt you all right well listen we have to talk then about city and liverpool and the expectation as you say that it’s going to be a two horse ray is sidiyar though bookies favorite i mean is that.

Based on last season is that based on summer signings in holland well when you look at the kieran only for club came into liverpool you know what you know city would be what would be going for five or six in a row now no the liverpool are the only ones that have they’ve kept them honest.

In a couple of seasons they managed to pit them in another one but everybody else has been well adrift you know and then you look at the amount of goals they they’ve they scored record amount of goals last season and now they’re bringing in holland who scores goals for fun you know and he got to be got a bit of a slag in over the.

Community shield because you know nunes darwin known as liverpool made more of an impact and he missed a couple of chances but he was very close like he he hit the crossbar with one that 99 times out of 100 he’ll score and there was a chance he had that was saved and andrew robertson was tackling him and he still managed to get a brilliant shot.

And often he could very easily finish that game with two goals and he didn’t play well and he will score uh in all competitions i wouldn’t be surprised if he scores 40 goals this season but the scoring goals in the premier league hasn’t been an issue for city you know.

The champions league is a big one like they want to maybe they they’re looking at him more for the guy that’s going to finally get them the champions league they want because they they dropped so few points in the in the premier league like klopp has talked about this that no you have to get at least 90 points to have any chance against city and that.

Was an uh an incredible barrier that people thought you know not that long ago people thought 90 points was unthinkable but like liverpool got 96 a few seasons ago and didn’t win the lake yeah you know they got 19 i think it was 92 last season didn’t win the league because city dropped so few now and the odd let people seize on it and think.

Oh something that we’ve got a chance here but uh they’re still going to be hot favorites i think liverpool have a chance because the world cup thing it might rest uh and might give them that injection they need whereas some of cities players might be a bit stale coming back from it and i think that’s probably liverpool’s.

Biggest chance the the hope of that happening for all the lunacy of of this world cup at least it does insert some element of unpredictability into the premier league uh season for us something to talk about uh come late autumn uh early winter i can’t let you go without uh talking briefly about manchester united given how many united.

Fans are going to be listening to the show i mean the soap opera continues cristiano ronaldo for the moment not going anywhere how likely is he to to be part of the squad once the transfer window closes well the problem is uh who wants him you know his agent has approached.

Know the major clubs around europe and nobody is interested because that’s because he’s a couple of years away from his 40th birthday and even though he scored 24 goals last season it’s not you know he still he would expect massive wages and he will affect the way your team plays and a lot of teams.

The bigger clubs aren’t willing to take that you know that will go down that route for something which is you know what best a short-term fix so it is an issue for united because i think eric and hagg would like to move them on but anthony martial is injured now i think fans united fans be very.

Frustrated to the lack of business they’ve done very little business in the summer and this was a summer they did need to do significant business so i think he will improve them i think he looks like he knows what he’s about as a coach and there will be a bit more steel and a bit more thought and you know you’ll see more evidence of a.

Definite game plan yeah but at the moment i don’t think they have the personnel personnel and i think they’ll be he’ll be very keen to get ronaldo out the door all right well listen despite the fact that it’s a little earlier than usual i know people will be excited for its return

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