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Premier Ford asked whether the use of the Emergencies Act was justified

Premier Ford asked whether the use of the Emergencies Act was justified

Kevin Gallagher CTV national news my question is actually for Premier Ford there’s a inquiry going on right now today about the use of the emergencies act by the federal government many of the witnesses who have testified residents businesses have said that they were felt abandoned by the police the city The Province and the federal.

Government so I’m wondering um why you are not one of the people who’s testifying at this inquiry but also if you can think back to February do you think that the federal government was justified in using the emergencies act to lift the occupation of downtown Ottawa well we have some of the top officials with the opp testifying and uh.

Yes I stood shoulder to shoulder with the Prime Minister the these folks were you know camping out everything from whirlpools disrupting downtown disrupting the lives of the people of Ottawa we’ve worked collaboratively with with the mayor and the the Prime Minister over at the borders they were holding up a billion dollars of trade.

Every single day beginning across our borders we were getting phone calls from Governors it’s unacceptable myself and and I know the Prime Minister believe in free speech and if you want to protest protest if you want to come down to Queen’s Park and do cartwheels but if you disrupt the lives of the people of Ottawa every single day disrupt the.

Lives the economic flow across our borders I have zero tolerance for it

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