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Premier Doug Ford addresses Ontario’s labour shortage

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Premier Doug Ford addresses Ontario’s labour shortage” here is their detail.

Ontario is facing a generational labor shortage across the province where short 380 000 jobs are going unfilled that is 380 000 steady paychecks that could support workers and families and so today i'm proud to announce a five million dollar investment in training to prepare 500 more workers for well-paying jobs in.

Ontario's auto sector these workers will come from underrepresented groups and this program will develop the skills they need to succeed for in-demand careers in assembly logistics quality control and more we're working with our partners in the automotive parts manufacturing.

Association to deliver job replacement placements across their network for over 300 employers all across this province at the end of their training every participant will receive a job offer from a local employer leading directly to a good job and a bigger paycheck for hundreds of ontario workers.

This program is just one part of our government's skills development fund a 200 million dollar investment in connecting job seekers with the skills and training they need to find well-paying careers close to home we're setting up ontario workers to succeed and helping local businesses get the skilled labor they depend on to grow.

And thrive

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