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Potentially classified documents found in Biden’s old office

Potentially classified documents found in Biden’s old office

U.S President Joe Biden’s trip to Mexico was overshadowed by a growing political problem back home his possible mishandling of classified documents I was briefed about this discovery and surprised to learn that there are any government records that were taken there to that office in early November days before the midterm elections Biden’s.

Lawyers found roughly 10 classified documents in a locked closet while cleaning out his private office near Capitol Hill CNN reports they include National Security and intelligence memos and briefing notes on Iran Ukraine and the UK from his time as vice president while lawyers notified authorities that same day and the papers were picked up.

The next morning the incident was kept secret until reporters broke the story those classified documents were known before the election it was intentionally concealed to the Americans I think that’s wrong this kind of Revelation could have hurt Democrats in the midterm vote and it undermines Biden’s criticism of Donald Trump over his mishandling of.

Classified documents how that could possibly happen how one anyone could be that irresponsible FBI agents searched Trump’s Florida home last summer after he refused to return hundreds of classified and top-secret documents I think the American people are the the takeaway they’re going to have is the double standard that always exists it’s.

One one set of rules for president Trump he literally raided his home and it’s certainly not a good thing while Biden’s situation is bad this political Affairs analyst says it’s not comparable to Trump he hid the documents denied they were even there his attorneys misrepresented what was there uh it’s pretty clear that they never would have.

Gotten the documents back had they not sent the FBI in the Department of Justice is still figuring out what to do next while Republicans are using their new powers in Congress to investigate Katie Simpson CBC News Washington

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