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Post-Nasrec ANC reflections on the January 8 Statement

Post-Nasrec ANC reflections on the January 8 Statement

Support for president ramaphosa is a political and organizational support with we support him because of his commitment to the project of renewal of the African National Congress and repositioning the ANC as a movement of the people.

That is why without fear of contradictions Limpopo says Cyril ramaphosa for the second term a clear stance which began at the party’s January 8 rally in polokwane with ANC Limpopo provincial chairperson Stanley to Puma Tabata nailing the promises colors to the mosque by endorsing zorama poissa for a second term this.

Pronouncement was labeled as premature and not organizational by former ANC president tabon Becky as it came during an important occasion of the party’s birthday celebrations and 12 months later it was a totally different posture from the same man foreign.

‘s pronouncement at the party’s National Conference where he made a u-turn on ramaphosa’s support but the majority of the provinces delegates rejected his stance we had a very difficult Choice a very hard choice to make and because we found ourselves between Iraq and arts office and you know if you.

Give you go to people trying to negotiate with these people and they keep on rejecting you you know you feel that we are being pushed away and look for something that can secure that can get better and a value for the Mandate of the people the branches of limbo the branches from Limpopo nominated six names not just one you.

Know and out of these six this other slate or should I call it the preferences the campaign of the other campaign campaigners of the president they only wanted to recognize only one day and we said no we can’t live with that which name did they just they recognize the only the president’s name you know and.

They recognize All the Little Prince they did not want Paul they did not want um they did not want to stand they did not want no ruler they did not want better and all these five were on our mandate from the branches of Limpopo were supposed to represent all these five names including the president of the president so so we had to make a.

Very difficult Choice as to whether we dump five and remain with one or we we go with five and try to salvage something out of the five uh because we were almost sure certain about the issue of the prison Limpopo anchor drama forces rise to power in the Watershed 2017 ANC conference when he defeated docsuma five years later ramaphosa would.

Be a drug heads with the man who spearheaded his campaign then ANC NEC member figure warned those against ramaphosa that they have a date with them at the recently concluded National Conference balula was subsequently elected Secretary General to an ANC once again led by ramaphosa president ramaphosa.

Oh yeah she win the election 2024 with decisive victory back on again December Civ Valley.

Foreign addressing this African Communist Party Congress following the palapaliform revelations and calls for him to step down the ANC president responded to his distractors we are in the fight comrades we are in the fight for the soul of the African National Congress.

And we will not back down for fighting to ensure that the ANC is revived will not submit and we will not relent nor will we ever ever give in the relations between the one strong allies remains strained but matabata has sent out an olive branch to the newly re-elected ANC president who won over matabata’s provincial secretary Robin madaje the.

January 8th rally now next as the party is refuting allegations that public funds in the free state are being used for the upcoming birthday celebrations Johannesburg