Police stood down as Indonesia conducts probe into deadly soccer stampede | ABC News

The chief of police has been suspended and dozens of officers stood aside or placed under investigation as Indonesia conducts a probe into the deadly soccer stampede. Subscribe: http://ab.co/1svxLVE Read more here: https://ab.co/3e3A72l The government is promising to name the culprits in the coming days. But that’s little comfort to families who have lost their

Police stood down as Indonesia conducts probe into deadly soccer stampede | ABC News

Is inconsolable she was killed in the soccer Stampede now they want revenge how come she was murdered out there my daughter didn’t just die she died because the police killed her twenty-year-old lutvia was one of the last bodies identified after the tragedy when her family heard about the Stampede and she hadn’t come home her younger.

Sister searched social media and found her photo on a list of the Dead I can’t accept my sister died like this it was all because of the tear gas at the stadium it was the first time she’d been to a soccer match the young woman was an asthmatic but the family still doesn’t know how she died.

I’m just worried that if the police come here in their uniform they won’t survive my wrath her father now wants to sue everyone involved what did the supporters at the stands do wrong how come the tear gas was aimed at them thank you the Malang police chief has been fired.

And nine members of an Elite Police Brigade have been suspended 18 officers who fired the tear gas are being investigated soccer players prayed at a cemetery for fans who died in their arms members of the team say they’re shattered they met with some of the families to.

Ask for forgiveness we feel like we got punished no match result is worth people’s lives let alone more than a hundred this is the world’s worst disaster at a soccer stadium in nearly 60 years people came here to watch the game they love and have a good time now they’re only coming here to grieve and Barker ABC.

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