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Police officer killed in avalanche near Kaslo, BC identified as 43-year-old constable

Police officer killed in avalanche near Kaslo, BC identified as 43-year-old constable

In Nelson BC a city of just 10 000 an entire Community is devastated one of its police officers 43 year old Wade titamore is dead another officer is seriously injured after the two were Swept Away in an avalanche I heard about it last night and you know it’s obviously incredibly tragic the two off-duty members were skiing near casla.

When they were struck by the slide Nelson’s police chief says both were wearing beacons which helped locate 28 year old officer methu nolay who was carried into a tree the way he hit it he kind of came back up a bit so they had one arm up out of the snow so he told me today like he uh he’s certain you know obviously the the the impact of the tree.

Caused a significant number of his injuries but it also probably saved his life both officers came to the community from the Calgary Police Service which issued a statement saying we are deeply saddened about the passing of constable titamore we are wishing a speedy recovery to Constable no lay titamore leaves behind a wife and two young Sons.

Wade was a true gentleman just a very soft spoken but uh you know he he had um you know he knew how to deal with situations when he needed to but uh that was 99 of the time his soft-spoken gentleman approach dealt with any issues that we had to deal with in the public he was a great mentor so the officers in.

The department you know truly one of those guys that everybody looked up to everybody really liked him only about 20 officers served the city of Nelson which is now getting help from nearby RCMP detachments Nelson is one of the smallest cities in the country to have its own Municipal Police Force and this tragedy has hit his heart.

Professional assistance is being offered to Nelson’s grieving police officers also giving them support members of this tightly knit Community all of whom have been greatly impacted by this tragedy Catherine urquhart Global News

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