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Police officer dead, another critically injured in avalanche near Kaslo, B.C.

Police officer dead, another critically injured in avalanche near Kaslo, B.C.

Local officials in Nelson BC gave an update last hour about two off-duty police officers caught in a deadly Avalanche yesterday Constable Wade titamore was killed the Second Officer Constable Matsu nolay is in hospital in critical condition the cbc’s Sarah galashian is following developments for us so Sarah what more do we know about.

The circumstances around this incident Andrew not only do we know the names of the two officers who were caught up in this Avalanche we also have photos of them that let’s pick them up we have way Tidmore as you said 43 years old he was killed in that Avalanche at straka around noon on Monday leaving behind two Elementary school-aged children and a.

Wife and then 28 year old Matthew nolay seriously injured in that Avalanche in hospital able to speak and spoke to the police chief saying that uh and in the Avalanche he hit a tree and that’s what caused some substantial injuries he’s seriously injured in hospital right now but it also that tree also probably saved his life that and the fact that.

The pair were wearing Avalanche beacons as they made their way out into the back country so that they could be found as quickly as possible they had used a snowmobile to access the back country near caslow for the purpose of skiing Back Country um caslow is a village about an hour north of Nelson BC where they worked as.

Police officers the pair were off duty they were touring the back country on skis as I say near an area known as the Empire cabin area it’s west of Buchanan Mountain for those who are familiar with this area this is according to caslow search and rescue who say that they were notified of this situation the need for a rescue in that area by someone who did.

Have access to the phone in fact there were five others who were in the area who were able to to get to the two individuals at least at least in the case of no lay able to to start with immediate rescue uh before the search and rescue did arrive via helicopter they had to ensure that it was safe to land but once they were able to do that.

They landed one helicopter had another above and using long line uh were able to to airlift uh the the two skiers out and they were able to get an Olay to a hospital he is currently being treated in a local hospital it’s an effort that is being praised by arrest you ever being praised by the minister of the public safety Minister here in BC as.

Well as condolence is being offered of course to the family and loved ones of these officers particularly that in the case of the officer who is deceased both of these officers we learned at the earlier press conference had previously worked in Calgary as police officers but had relocated to Nelson which is a relatively small City but the largest.

City in that area of the Kootenays and they had done so in order to be able to access the the outdoors a huge advantage of living in that area and Andrew that is what they were doing in that Avalanche struck so let’s talk about the current weather conditions what should people know if they’re venturing into BC’s Back Country this winter it just.

Sounds really dangerous I mean we have been told now for a couple weeks that uh the the snowpack is very unusual given the the conditions we have seen in the lead up to this there’s been a lot of drought dry conditions very cold November huge snowfall uh in December and as such we have our some really weak layers underneath some very.

Heavy snow which is susceptible to movement um the the Avalanche Center had put the the the risk of avalanche at a level three out of five in that area near casloe that was on Monday night uh which means that it’s uh there’s considerable danger of uh natural a natural Avalanche potentially happening but a human.

Trigger Avalanche and a level three is considered to be likely so uh in addition to the equipment that you should be bringing and letting people know where you’re going checking that Avalanche danger Andrew is key all right Sarah thank you you bet

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