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PM Ardern calls for ‘dialogue and diplomacy’ amid China tensions |

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “PM Ardern calls for ‘dialogue and diplomacy’ amid China tensions |” here is their detail.

Uh look our position uh on the tensions that we have observed around the taiwan strait doesn't change and that is that uh the most important thing we need between all parties right now is dialogue and diplomacy new zealand will continue to call for there to be engagement and communication between.

Both nations and those where we have seen that contested environment was it helpful for the speaker to go to taiwan look as as you can imagine it's not for new zealand or for me to cast judgment on the decisions from other leaders as to where they visit and why what new zealand will keep calling for.

Though is ongoing diplomacy and dialogue to overcome what are tensions uh particularly around the taiwan straight how careful do you have to handle this given our relationships and with china you know none of these actions change the position that we have we have long been a nation that in the.

Face of tensions like these that will call for dialogue i'm pleased to see that the both presidents from china and the united states have recently had both lengthy calls that that is positive dialogue and diplomacy is what we need in these tense times.

Sorry look you will have seen that uh my engagement uh has been directly with uh visits into beijing a couple of years ago now and we have intentions when we're able to to do so again our engagements uh with uh taiwan have been through for instance chinese taipei's partic participation in.

Apec and other forums and that's where we've traditionally at that leader lever have over the years but the last uh visit at a ministerial level i believe was in about 1998 new zealand does engage with uh chinese taipei economically through apec.

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