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Pierre Poilievre calls out Trudeau over contracts awarded to global consulting firm McKinsey | FULL

Pierre Poilievre calls out Trudeau over contracts awarded to global consulting firm McKinsey | FULL

Thank you very much and happy New Year everybody as you know Canadians are suffering we have 1.5 million Canadians eating at a food bank in a single month reports of students living in homeless shelters because they can’t afford the now two thousand dollars for average monthly rent.

The cost of a mortgage payment is now a larger share of an average Canadian paycheck than at any time in recorded Canadian history some people are going to food banks asking for help with medical assistance and dying not because they are sick but because they are too poor and life is too miserable to go on why is inflation so exorbitant now well.

The answer is the cost of government is driving up the cost of living a half trillion dollars of inflationary deficits has bit up the cost of the goods we buy the interest we pay now the Liberals will tell you it was all necessary but we know that 40 percent of new spending in the last two years was not linked to coven according.

To the Parliamentary budget officer we also know according to the auditor general that about 30 billion dollars of the coveted spending was questionable and 4 billion at least was wasted one example of course is the arrivecan app whereby 50 million dollars of contracts went to Shady companies for questionable work.

Some of the companies didn’t do any work at all other than to recruit other companies that supposedly were to do the work and that work was badly done because the app in the end did not even work now on top of that we learned that the liberal government has given 30 times more money in contracts to the liberal.

Linked firm McKinsey then did the pre the prior conservative government recent reporting has shown the company neither the company nor the government is willing to explain what the money was for 66 million dollars in core government contracts and tens of millions of dollars of other contracts from Crown corporations.

One unnamed immigration public servant said that he or she did not even know what they got for the money 25 million dollars went to that department and what did we get as Canadians what are the results of this management companies ingenious work well 2.1 million immigrants wait in the queue over a.

Million are waiting beyond the acceptable legal time frames so we want to know what all this money was for we also want to know about the outsized influence of this company in the operation of our government and our democracy the company is under investigation for its involvement in.

Politics and government in France they’ve had to pay Financial penalties for their role in facilitating the sale of opioids into the United States of America that helped deliver a massive drug overdose crisis that is now spread into Canada and then finally to see the director uh former director of this company managed.

To get himself uh the gig as our ambassador to China so it’s time for Canadians to get answers we need to know what this money was for what influence McKenzie has had in our government and it is time for Canadian taxpayers to have answers to these questions a polyev government will bring answers and bring accountability.

We will spend dollars to deliver good services to Canadian citizens who pay for them not to give juicy contracts to powerful multinationals and we will give Canadians back control of their lives and their government by ensuring that it is Canadians through their elected officials that make.

Accountable decisions not powerful multinationals with their own agendas imposing them on government decision makers thank you very much and I will now welcome your questions companies foreign foreign her question was whether this will.

Require a public inquiry what I said is that the pub the committee inquiry will be public she correctly stated that she was asking about something like the Gomery committee a commission which would be a full public inquiry I I have not called for that at this point but what we will do is put forward a motion that will.

Require the government give all written records related to McKinsey that includes contracts conversations records of work done meetings held text messages email exchanges everything that the government has with the company since taking office should be made public so that we can study all of these facts and hold the government.

Accountable who knows where that might lead maybe we’ll learn things that will require a bigger inquiry but at this point we think the government operations committee is the right place to carry out this investigation government has increased the cost of Consultants but also because of the public service would you as if you were.

A child of the government would you reduce one or other or both um well we’re definitely going to be reducing the cost of Consulting we think that when you have a qualified public servants to do the job we shouldn’t be contracting the same workout to high-priced Consultants who charge much more you know these public.

These Consultants can charge hundreds of dollars an hour if I can by Contracting everything out you end up paying more and so we would like as conservous we intend to bring more of that work in-house and use the expertise that our public servants have what the reporting on the McKinsey controversy showed over the last several days.

Is that the public servants believe that they could have done the job themselves and then they they had these you know these aliens from outer space coming in and presenting them with a bunch of PowerPoint presentations and fancy charts and graphs uh that produced no value and interrupted the work of our core Public Service I think we need less.

Of these PowerPoint presentations and more actual work and delivery of service to the people on the ground foreign Japanese foreign rocks and Roads some days were acceptable then he called them.

Illegal immigrants or Mr Martell’s comments acceptable in your mind the let me comment generally on the issue of rocks and road I think that the government if I could the the government should renegotiate the Third Country agreement in order to close rocks and Road I understand why desperate people are.

Trying to cross there our system is now so slow and slow so broken that there are 2.1 million people waiting including over a million that have been waiting beyond the government’s own determined time frames that is the fault of Justin Trudeau and if we could fix that problem then people wouldn’t be so desperate to cross at a a.

Point that is not a legal point of entry so it is not legal if I could it is not legal to cross there that is a that is a reality it is not legal to cross at that point and we need to fix the system so that people come here through the normal points of entry and that that is to a two-step process renegotiate the deal with the Americans and speed up the.

Processing of immigration generally sure and yet recent polls suggest that you remain quite unpopular among Canadians especially among women one recent poll found that 22 percent of women think another leader should leave your party in the next election why do you think that is well I don’t comment on polls.

But what I will say is that we have our party is fighting for the everyday Ordinary People the reality is Justin Trudeau has caused the biggest and worst inflation 140 years Rising interest rates he has imposed shortages in our supply chain that result in pain and suffering including including including at our pharmacies so Canadians want us.

To fight for their very real interests and that’s exactly what conservatives will do the same committee that in October made a very similar request for all the arrive can documents and that committee is only just finding now that they’re getting stonewalled they’re not getting the identities of the subcontractors so.

You’re starting this whole process again slightly different topic but why you know what’s your response to how they reacted to the October one and how do you think this is going to be any different that’s a good question and conservatives are going to work hard to hold the government accountable we’re going to team up with opposition parties.

Who have a combined majority on that committee to force the government to release the information both on arrive can contractors and on McKenzie Canadians deserve answers and how their dollars are spent and we’ll make sure they get those answers thank you very much

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