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Perrottet government seem to have ‘lost their way’: Clennell

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Perrottet government seem to have ‘lost their way’: Clennell” here is their detail.

Joining me is sky news political editor andrew clennell andrew connell thank you for your time what is going on with this new south wales government and how much trouble is the premier dominic pereta himself in now well i think we'll find out next week when john beralara gives evidence in the.

Parliamentary inquiry and perhaps when icack has a look at it i covered new south wales politics for 15 years andrew and frequently it's about doing deals uh swapping favors and uh i think you can get in a mindset if you've been in a.

11 or 12 year government where this there becomes a sort of normality about this and uh i wouldn't be surprised if that's what's occurred here and you don't think for a second what the public would think of such an appointment as john berry larry look i had a federal mp say to me today look we appointed politicians as high.

Commissioners etc all the time i said yes but you haven't set up the job first so baralaro sets up this 560 000 new york job uh where presumably you wouldn't even have to do much who wouldn't want that job and then he goes for it and he seems to have the imprimatur of heirs and potentially perite to do it.

And that's that's what is going on here essentially i guess perite could have owned it and tried to argue baralaro should get the post instead he he washed his hands of it and so it is they said oh it was the public servant who chose him that that's being proven more and more to be false.

And it's the cover-up that always gets you doesn't it but they just seem to have lost their way these guys in terms of uh who they should be acting in the best interests of and that's the people of new south wales and i think that's one of the reasons the scandal has just gone on and on for weeks because the public has a.

Real distaste for this and there's a desire to get to the truth i think and as every day goes on we get closer to it mate if they thought he was the the best guy for the job and that they were right to appoint him they should have set out straight from the start but obviously.

They must be ashamed of what they've done because they said no no it wasn't us governor and as you say increasingly looks like it was to canberra politics the albany government today uh announced a new review of what how many reviews have they announced so far a new review of what weapons our defence forces.

Should have and where they should be and the two people running it includes serenus houston the former head of the defence force who said these are frightening times syria's it's a a fast-changing environment and uh it's absolutely imperative that we review uh the current strategic circumstances.

Which i rate the worst i've ever seen in my career and lifetime but andrew colonel the other person doing this review is former labour defense minister steven smith who happens to be what we were just talking about who happens to be a good mate of the prime.

Minister now the australian defense association is actually one of the five worst defense ministers that we've had in more than half a century so why was he chosen and why the criticism one of the five worst there's so many bad ones that they can't come up with one of the top two or three or something.

oh look i just think that they're concerned because he he cut the budget and probably julia gillard told him to because shane wayne swann wanted a surplus in in 2012 but he was responsible for some of the biggest budget cuts uh in the the portfolio was seen and he.

Is a friend of albanese and he did help on his campaign so i i don't think it's an ideal appointment i've respect for stephen smith but i think people will be looking um with a lot more admiration on angus houston in terms of what he'll produce than stephen smith here and one of the reporters raised today in the press.

Conference there might be a bit of a conflict there let's face it a lot of the the programs might have been decided upon in smith and houston's time so it was a strange one i mean he did two press conferences in a day as it turned out i'd encourage japan to do as many press conferences as possible so we could ask him questions but this was one.

You could have almost put out in press release because you're not because then you end up saying well i'm not going to preempt the review so what are you announcing as you say just another review the other thing that puzzles me is they've been in power for three months couldn't they have lined this up in the first month.

It's pretty important pretty important to do and get out of the way so that they know by the time the budget next year exactly where they need to invest well they say it will be done by march it better be andrew clenell thank you so much for your time

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