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People urged not to stockpile medicines amid shortfall

People urged not to stockpile medicines amid shortfall

A sign of the times in the window of one South Dublin Pharmacy a list of unavailable medicines now unfortunately we’re completely out of dry cough bottles at the moment a similar situation at Fort field Pharmacy in nearby terenure gaps on shelves due to supply shortages of common over-the-counter remedies for coughs and.

Colds pharmacists say it has been an issue for months exacerbated Now by a surge in respiratory illnesses particularly things like cough bottles certain cough syrups you know but pharmacists can do more to help if we were allowed in the UK they do this and Drug shortage protocol which means that a pharmacist using their clinical.

Expertise can substitute a different antibiotic if the one that the GP has prescribed is short the number of medicines running low are out of stock listed on the Health Products regulatory Authority website has increased from 187 last month to 216 as of today with a shortage of prescribed drugs too including some antibiotics doctors are.

Also calling for measures to ensure security of Supply while a common agriculture policy came in to maintain food security what we want is a basic security on Staple medicines you can’t get much more basic than paracetamol you can’t get much more basic than amoxicillin and then the basis of this success of vaccine access that occurred.

With the covert vaccines maybe the solution is within Europe the hpra says the shortages are due to a combination of issues including the level of respiratory illness and a significant increase in demand for products used to treat seasonal conditions as well as supply chain issues it’s urging the public and Healthcare professionals not.

To stockpile any medication above their normal requirements Frugal O’Brien RTE News in Dublin

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