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Pence discusses Biden classified documents discovery

Former vice president Mike Pence sat down for an exclusive interview Tuesday with CBS News Chief election and campaign correspondent Robert Costa hence discussed the classified documents found in Biden’s old office a crisis at the southern border as well as his potential Run for the presidency in 2024. the interview was part of Pence’s.

Tour for his book so help me God Robert Costa joins me now from The Villages Florida Bobby in the interview Mike Pence said that he did not approve of the way the justice department handled the documents found at President Biden’s former office or how they were handled at Mar-A-Lago let’s listen to what he said.

But now to see classified documents found as having been in the possession of the president who was a former vice president and being treated differently it it it just suggests to me once again that last summer was an overreach but the kind of double standard that we see being practiced by the Biden.

Administration in in the wake of this incident in the Justice Department I think it’s exactly what undermines public confidence in our justice system so that answer obviously overlooks the distinction between the Biden turning his materials over voluntarily while Donald Trump did not what more can you.

Tell us about that Exchange we had a further exchange and we’ll put more of that up soon at in our in our programming and I push Pence on that exact point John about how this is an episode where the president’s document at the Penn Biden Center were found to be marked as classified the president’s lawyers turned them over and.

This is not an incident or episode that’s entirely comparable to what happened with former president Trump I did ask Pence does he believe a special counsel needs to be appointed and he said again and again that he would like to see equal treatment didn’t give a specific answer on exactly what he would like to see.

And you also uh press the vice president about whether he had finally made a decision to run for president in 2024. let’s listen to what uh Mike Pence said in the months ahead I’m just going to be listening to the American people you know I I believe that as President Reagan said the American people have a funny way of.

Letting you know if they want you to run for president this is a familiar dance Bob but uh why hasn’t Pence announced his Run for the presidency yet it’s intriguing John that Pence and so many other possible Rivals of trump in the 2024 race are taking their time I said defense you’ve said for months that.

You were going to talk to your family over the holidays and then make a decision well the holidays are over it’s now January of 2023 and he said he is going to listen to the Republican voters for the next few months continue to see if he has space in the Republican party to run whether it’s former vice president Pence or Governor DeSantis.

Representing Florida here or former president Trump they see a Republican party that’s fluid Trump got in early he wants to consolidate his power inside the Republican party but no one seems eager including pence in this interview today to get into the arena with Trump at this stage and take a punch day in day out they would like to see the race.

Play out at a bit of a slower Pace now Bob if you were going to listen to Republican voters The Villages in Florida it would is probably one of the best places to go remind viewers what the villages are and what was the reception there for Mike Pence The Villages is an area near Orlando Florida and it’s a political hot spot.

For Republican Presidential contenders a vote-rich area so many people come down to the villages to live to retire many of them are Trump supporters you go around the Villages you still see make America great against signs Trump 2020 Trump 2024 signs all over the place and so Pence is coming into an area that he knows is a Haven for Trump’s support but.

He wants to start to see if he has support as well in those areas continues to talk about the Trump Pence Administration in his book talk here for his Memoir so help me God so Bob you mentioned the Republican party is quite fluid at this moment what in the old days we would have asked what Lane Mike Pence occupies what Lane.

Does he have if he decides to run in the Republican Party he is someone who has a deep conservative track record you look at his experience in this in the House of Representatives he was formerly a member of House leadership former chairman of the Conservative Republican study committee he has built a base Beyond.

Just his time with Trump and the vice presidency with conservative institutions in Washington with conservative activists so in a sense what we see from pence in this political moment is someone who’s not just going back to the Trump well and the Trump voter but going back to the well he has built in four decades uh as he’s built a.

Career really going back to the 1980s 1990 race for the U.S house he wants to re-establish his ties with the conservative movement as he also tries to test whether he can have support in that Trump coalition will be a fascinating thing to watch Robert Costa thanks so much

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