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Pelosi Meets Taiwan Lawmakers in Taipei

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Pelosi Meets Taiwan Lawmakers in Taipei” here is their detail.

U.s house speaker nancy pelosi arrived in taiwan late tuesday to meet president won becoming the highest-ranking american official in 25 years to visit the self-ruled island claimed by china i just hope that it's really clear that while china has stood in the way of.

Taiwan participating and going to certain meetings that they understand that they will not stand in the way of people coming to taiwan it's a show of friendship of support but also a source of learning about how we can work together better in collaboration.

So yeah no i i don't i think that that um they made a big fuss because i'm speaker i guess i don't know if that was a reason or an excuse because they didn't say anything when the men came during the visit psy presented pelosi with a medal for her contributions to.

The island territory speaking later in parliament pelosi said she considered it a great honor to be referred to as a good friend of taiwan adding that she and the congressional delegation that accompanied her came to taiwan with a specific purpose on our visits on congressional delegations.

We have three purposes one is security security for our people global security two is economics to spread as much prosperity as possible and three is governance based on its response china holds a different interpretation of pelosi's visit launching a series of joint military operations around the island tuesday.

Night and retaliation for what it called a recent major escalation of negative acts by the united states on the taiwan question and a serious warning against separatist activities seeking what it called taiwan independence the finan administration and pelosi say the united states remains committed to the so-called one china policy which.

Recognizes beijing but allows informal relations and defense ties with taipei we said we do not support taiwan independence and we said as i said again yesterday that we expect cross-strait differences to be resolved by peaceful means now we have communicated this directly to the prc at the highest levels.

Including in last week's call between president biden and president xi but it remains unclear if the fallout of a pelosi's taiwan visit will overshadow earlier stops in singapore and kuala lumpur where president biden said she has already accomplished some important conversations michael brown voa news.

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