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Pee-Gate Accused Finally Arrested: Eyewitness Gives Chilling Details Of Air India Incident

Pee-Gate Accused Finally Arrested: Eyewitness Gives Chilling Details Of Air India Incident

He had close to four drinks during lunch and as we were chatting he kept on us asking me the same question over and over so when I finished lunch I had already alerted one of the crew members that you know he had way too many so just be cautious thank you foreign.

That we sift out the fiction from the facts you were there what happened uh see I’m not here to uh to Justice or I’m not here to do a trial for what happened I’m just gonna stick to the facts absolutely first of all uh the incident happened uh it happened post lunch uh we we were having lunch together and uh some of the claims.

That the Shankar’s father made was correct because he said the same thing to me he had he had come after a long-haul flight but he had close to four drinks during lunch and as we were chatting he kept on us asking me the same question over and over so when I finished lunch I had already alerted one of the crew members that you know he had.

Way too many so just be cautious make sure and then I went to uh went to sleep and then it was a turbulent flight I suddenly hear a noise and I see Shankar basically he fell on his seat seat and he was sleeping he passed out he was sleeping so I went to use the restroom and that’s when night the lady came and she had.

I really didn’t understand till she explained what what happened because she had I thought she had spilled a drink or water on her body she’s here to clean up and then she told us uh what happened and see the reason I was upset was a lot of standard operating procedures was not followed but yeah you know I should also.

Tell you you know there was two young aerosters Rebecca and Ruby who went went above and beyond their Call of Duty and over gloves slender up and changed her to uh to the pajama suit they give you to wear but what the reason you know and I had the reason I filed a return complaint which went nowhere and thanks to you guys.

Your sister network is is the one who first spoke to me yes uh the times of India that it went nowhere and there’s this two air Esters Rebecca and Ruby were the one who cleaned her up in her bag but it took close to two two and a half hours for them to give you know to decide I understand the business class was full but there were four empty seats.

Uh and the first but they could not take a call to Viva refreshi they they put they put they kept blanket on her seat which was smelling of uh you know urine and they they sprayed and uh close to after two hours they gave her a cruise seat when one of the cruise finished uh resting and and they are in no position.

To mediate or even bring both of them together they should have just uh stick to what is the procedure that is an incident have happened absolutely you you know and you just you were on Landing you you report it to the authority and and and and that’s it but some somebody in the whole spectrum of things did not take accountability they.

Did not do the right thing well I really appreciate that you have decided to stick to the facts I have a few questions that I’d like so that we have a clearer understanding of what really happened first you said that after lunch you inform the crew members that he had way too many uh how many did you see him drink was he drinking on board did he.

Come in drunk on board and what did the crew do after you complained see he didn’t he um I I didn’t feel he came drunk on board but he had four stiff drinks over over like maybe a 45 minutes lunch and and when when in in the process of conversation you could say that you know he was incoherent so that’s why I kind.

Of gently alerted the clue one of the male crew who was who was basically taking care of our side that you know just just watch the guy so and you know they are trained for things like that they they should you know uh they should know how to handle such situation see the the CL the the people those who travel from Delhi New.

York and I travel a lot usually you don’t get situations like this because half of them are sleeping everybody is tired exhausted so there is not that kind of rationing in drinks or something because everybody behaves but uh here these things went out of control ah also you said that there were.

Protocols which were flouted what are the specific protocols also did you know Shankar Mishra beforehand or were you a co-passenger were you sitting in the seat next to him yes I was in eight Alpha he was in eight chart I’m sitting next he was gonna sit next to me I had the I had the window seat here at the ilc you said that you.

Spoke to this lady in question what kind of a mindset was she really and what was her State of Mind rather uh was she anguished was she traumatized as a daughter say she was you know she’s a very soft-spoken lady she is a very decent lady and she was she was traumatized so she was she was not one of those person who was shouting.

Or doing that and partly that is why he did not became a big tamasha in the flight because you know she was quiet and her daughter did reach out to me I think the next day or after and said and asked me my side of the story and she did say that they are going to write to uh the Tata chairman now I I wanted the jail.

With the general ledger book they didn’t give it to me they give me a piece of paper and I wrote a uh written complaint fortunately it went nowhere but I took a photograph of what I have written which I gave it to one of the generalist of your sister concerned in times of India and I narrated everything there again.

Going back to what uh what what was not followed was you cannot win a crime is created you cannot act on your behalf and try to mediate it your job is to give the person to the responsible Authority and let the authority and the land of the absolutely the law of the land decide the course of it you’re absolutely right that is the protocol.

However later on as per this lady she says that Shankar Mishra when he started sobering up she wanted him arrested but they insisted that they speak to her that they brought him over to her and made to sit in close quarters and they try to broker some kind of a compromise did you witness what happened at that time yes I did because you know if you.

Are looking towards the tail of the aircraft there are the galleys there on the right side there are two seats next to the door and they were being set in the on the left side door windows and they were talking to each other and I you know I didn’t like the whole thing but I recused myself I said you know like a like a.

Like a Vigilant co-passenger I’ll write a complaint and what happens uh I don’t know I I was angry and I was I was angry because nobody took the accountability you know and in and in this flight the the chief Aero stress out the commander should have taken the call should have taken her away from the business class we you.

Know and and would never let her uh interact with him and then okay are you aware whether or not they even informed the pilot did the pilot no so yes because because I I went I was very angry when they made her put blankets and made her seat on the same seat so I went and I said he charged first class.

They said no we can I said why can’t you do no they said always because the pic the pilot in command is resting now you have to understand in a long flight like this they have two sets of uh Crews like Pilots so the pic is the pilot in command because he was resting the the the chief stewardess said she cannot take their call which is baloney because.

Absolutely you don’t need to in in a situation like this you have to take some decisions on you know by yourself or just ask the uh commander who is flying that this has happened this is what I’m going to do but you must explain because this is very disturbing to think that the pilot knew no action was taken the crew went.

And told him but the pilot was resting but there are also alternative places for the pilot to rest there are cocked with seats as well he could have taken that’s where eventually this lady was made to sit for almost two hours so it’s appalling what you are telling us so it appears that the pilot knew but still no action was taken even on the complaint.

That everyone had given then and then everybody knew no action was taken and again you know it it all boils down to accountability you know if if you want me to analyze it what what they had a 16-hour flight they are all thinking oh if we call the authority it will be another three hour ordeal they will take our statement and and we’ll.

Have to stay another three hours and we’ll you know we already had a long flight so let them speak let you know let things work out within the uh two people and okay let’s forget the whole thing and that is my that is my uh complaint see what let’s just get it that was the attitude of the crew you’re saying.

Exactly you also said that you saw that seat which was drenched with urine can you just tell us about that you said they put blankets there the blankets there and even there was a lady next to her and she is from Kolkata and the image she was complaining because you know the whole place was smelling yeah but you know they went they did as much.

And then you know and again you know I there are they were too fainting every every uh situation you know there are people who rise to the occasion and there was this two young ladies Rebecca and Ruby who went they cleaned up they sprayed and they did whatever they need to do and uh and uh again.

The buck stops with the guy who is the head of the flight absolutely and and he should have taken the call to uh inform the respective authorities that’s it the reason why all of this is very distressing I’m sure for the complaint in this elderly lady whom you said is very soft-spoken a very uh uh very mild tempered lady because now she.

Faces the charge of trying to Blackmail Shankar Mishra um I saw an incidents I reported it and I thought the airlines will take its own course what happens next uh I really don’t want to get into it this is this is between the two parties and the Judiciary System and the investing and.

The investigating authorities to decide you know I I really want to refrain from commenting on that part ner fair enough but another one of the things which was said uh by the father of Shankar Mishra he came came on live yesterday on times now and he was telling us who are the eyewitnesses no one else complained about it no one even knew why was she.

The only one wrench this is all hearsay no it is not saying and that is and and when I was speaking to your print uh journalist uh Manju editor and talk to UI and that is what I said and that is one thing I uh what made me angry see at the end of the day we all make mistakes and in India is a very forgiving countries it gives second chance but he.

Should not nullify a crime has happened he should say it has happened and you know there may be many reasons why maybe he was exhausted what you know we don’t know I I’m not here to analyze why it happened but he should not say everything is the thing did not happen when it happened hmm.

And it’s almost like you know you are in a you are in a place and you see somebody coming with blood in their body and and uh and you see another person with the knife in their hand but then somebody questions you like did you really see her actually stabbing so I mean you know things things are not always that black and white but you know.

They’re she had urine all over her body and it was not a pleasant sight it was not a pleasant side it was stinking is what was also saying now sugar you said that you had written a given a written complaint when did you write this complaint when did you give it was it on that day itself after you landed.

And did anyone contact you nobody contacted me except for the uh victim’s daughter and she contacted me and she said hey we are very angry and I wanted to thank you for helping my mother and thank you for uh writing a complaint and I just whatsapped her back I think the complaint that I had written but they.

Gave me to a piece of paper and I wrote a two-page company and no one after that from Air India contacted you no because nobody submitted it where did that piece of paper go after you wrote that complaint whom did you give it to I don’t know I I gave it to the senior person but I said you know I want to take a photo of what I am giving.

You so unfortunately I’ve seen a person in Air India no near India the senior crew member I gave it to the lead staff member and I said because I asked her for jlb which is the general ledger book where and she said well we don’t have it now but I’ll give you a piece of paper you can write the complaint so shogato uh you said.

That the written complaint was given no one acted upon it now finally there is an internal probe by the Air India which has been ordered after good 40 days and dgca has given them a show cause notice there is the tele police which is also of course looking into the matter as the Delhi police asked you to join in their probe because I believe you live in.

Hampshire so are you going to be part of the Delhi police’s process Pro process if they ask you well you know I’ll help the investigation if they want but you know I live in the U.S unless I’m traveling it won’t be possible for me to join there physically but if they want to take my uh account on Zoom or uh like.

Teams I’m ready to help them definitely foreign

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