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Paul Flores found guilty for 1996 murder of Kristin Smart

Paul Flores found guilty for 1996 murder of Kristin Smart

We’ll split verdicts in the Christian smart murder case Paul Flores found guilty of killing the college student 26 years ago his father found not guilty of being an accessory of hiding her body which still has never been found kkl9’s Leslie Marine is live in San Pedro where Paul Flores used to live with the verdicts and reaction Leslie.

Well Pat I can tell you for Neighbors who lived next to Paul Flores here in San Pedro well they’re glad that this has finally come to an end but for Kristen Smart’s family and for prosecutors they did not expect this outcome after Seeking Justice for nearly three decades every day not a single day goes by that.

You aren’t missed remembered loved and celebrated after after six years standing next to a photo of their daughter Kristen Smart’s parents describe what today’s verdict meant to them without Kristen there is no joy or happiness in this verdict on Tuesday Paul Flores the man accused of killing smart back in 1996 while both.

Were students at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo was found guilty of first-degree murder his father Reuben Flores who was charged as an accessory to the crime was found not guilty he spoke outside the courthouse immediately following the verdict I was just hoping you know it was not guilty but that it’s It’s just tough.

But like I said before I feel sorry for him because they didn’t get no answers here’s with today’s split verdicts we learned that our quest for justice for Kristen will continue but according to defense attorney Steve Meister a split verdict may help the smart family in the future if this were just a biased jury that behaved improperly and just.

Wanted to convict for the sake of resolving this and giving the family some peace then they would have convicted both of these guys but as it happens they didn’t so I think that in terms of the sun’s appeal the father’s acquittal is not going to help him the mystery surrounding Smart’s death has spanned from the Central Coast to San.

Pedro well Paul Flores was living the last time neighbors saw him was in handcuffs when he was arrested more than a year ago he wasn’t confrontational in any way shape or form he was more of a recluse he didn’t want to make any make any problems with anybody but now we know why I wasn’t really scared so you know I mean it just sucks that this.

Happened a long time ago and they’re barely getting Justice and despite countless searches and warrants at both Paul and his father’s home Kristen’s body is still missing the San Luis Obispo Sheriff reassuring the smart family investigators Won’t Give Up we don’t take a breath we do not put this aside we continue to pursue this until.

We bring Kristin home and there was renewed interest in Christian Smart’s death after a pie years ago that prosecutors say help them in court as for Paul Flores he is expected to be sentenced in December reporting live in San Pedro KCAL 9 news thank you Leslie

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