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Paul Flores convicted of murdering Kristin Smart

Paul Flores convicted of murdering Kristin Smart

Okay Justice delayed is not Justice denied a jury has reached a verdict in the murder of Kristen smart convicting Paul Flores a first degree murder saying that he killed the 19 year old college student while attempting to rape her back in 1996 the smart family finally given some sense of closure for the loss.

Of Kristen decades after the college student’s death the district attorney just talked about the verdict a short time ago KRON 4’s Teresa estacio listened in on that and Teresa what can you tell us well it was certainly a very sad circumstance but prosecutors holding that news conference on Kristen’s Smart Case talking about how they did finally.

Get Justice for the family after nearly a quarter of a century smart was a 19 year old freshman at Cal Poly when she disappeared in 1996. Paul Flores offered to help her back to her dorm room because she was intoxicated but she was never seen again although investigators searched his dorm room he was never charged until last year new evidence.

Including kadaf for dogs found what was described as a coffin-sized hole under the backyard steps of his father’s home blood evidence was also discovered Paul Flores and his father were both arrested his father charged with being an accessory to murder prosecutors allege the jury agreed and Flores killed smart and had his father help him bury her.

Body removing it several years later now the trial took three months here’s Kristen’s father and mother speaking about today’s verdict without Kristen there is no joy or happiness in this verdict after 26 years today’s split verdicts we learned that our quest for justice for Kristen will continue.

This has been agonizingly long journey with more Downs than UPS but we are grateful and appreciate the diligence and energy of the two juries to thoroughly review the facts and reach their decisions perfect and the justice system has been renewed by their commitment and effort I’m just going to briefly.

Everyone that my husband spoke about and each person who has been the wind beneath our wings to get us to this day now the next phase will take place in this case and that is the sentencing phase Paul Flores faces 25 years to life for killing Kristen smart sentencing is expected to start in December now there.

Was a separate jury that heard the case against Reuben floors and they acquitted him so that’s what his father the father Christian smart was mentioning about these separate circumstances so that case was unfortunately not to her father’s liking again sentencing is going to be taking place in December back to you guys all.

Right Teresa in The Newsroom thank you

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