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Pastor charged with sex crimes

Pastor charged with sex crimes

A BC Pastor has been charged with sexually assaulting children 45-year-old Edwin Alvarez was working at a small Church in Metro Vancouver ctv’s Isabella zafarisi has the details police won’t say what church Edwin Alvarez was part of but CTV News spoke with a member of a congregation where he spent some time the parishioner.

Identified the pastor in this YouTube video taken into Metro Vancouver church as Edwin Alvarez New Westminster police say the investigation began last spring after receiving multiple abuse allegations dating from 2017 to 2021. Alvarez was arrested on January 4th in Saanich police believe he is no longer working as a pastor but say there may be.

More victims from my experience in policing what I can say is people often take on leadership roles or roles where they have power and authority they use that to gain the trust of families and their victims uh they oftentimes will use those roles to manipulate people and then when the opportunity arises they abuse vulnerable.

Children police are urging anyone who may have more information to please call them Isabella zavarisi CTV News New Westminster

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