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Passengers terrified as huge hail pummels car in Alberta

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Passengers terrified as huge hail pummels car in Alberta” here is their detail.

It was just one window after another and all we were thinking is is there going to be a car behind us coming and are we going to get hit by them has a tornado touched down it feels like you're in a war zone because all you hear is just these loud bangs going non-stop then you're just kind of.

They're like sitting ducks and then that back window gets blown out is which when i pull out my phone and start recording i'm like this is gonna get really bad we had all our luggage and stuff in the back so i started grabbing you know a backpacker or something just to give them some cover i was worried for my driver because.

The way he was sitting in the like hail hitting on his side i'm like you're the first one to get hit with these things the whole kind of my left shoulder on the back is all cut up my legs are cut up i got hit in the ribs a couple times by the hail coming through the window i had a blanket over the top half of my body so the glass.

Wasn't hitting that but i did get cut up on my legs it was like kate or is this how we're going to die i remember about halfway through i stopped the video and gave my parents i can't see anything i don't know what's going on we have no windows at this point and i love you guys.

Rescue crews were there washing us off as best they could with what limited supplies they had um people driving by were awesome they were handing us water bottles to wash the glass off of us it lasted probably give or take 15 to 20 minutes but it just felt eternal.

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