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‘Party Under Siege’: Congress Cries Foul After Cops Deployed Outside HQ, Gandhis’ Homes

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “‘Party Under Siege’: Congress Cries Foul After Cops Deployed Outside HQ, Gandhis’ Homes” here is their detail.

Today the big story broke when the enforcement directorate went ahead and sealed the premises of young india the not-for-profit company that congress owned herod house in the national capital and they went ahead and sealed the premises and said that it could not be opened without the prior.

Permission of the agency remember it was only yesterday that the enforcement directorate had conducted a series of raids at national herald offices and has been carrying out investigation that has led to both rahul gandhi and sonia gandhi who are trustees on young india being.

Questioned by the enforcement directorate over several days now all of that has typically led to a political war awards the congress claims that the party is under siege it is being harassed by the enforcement directorate delhi police has barricaded the congress office in the national capital and the enforcement directorate sources.

Say this is just the law taking its own course there is nothing unusual in what they are doing but the fact is that at the heart of all of this is what is being seen and perhaps justifiably so the larger proxy war between the modi government and the gandhi family and that really is lies at the heart of this controversy.

This is not just another case this is a case where the accused are the gandhi family the first family of the congress party and now out of par they seem in a way to be on the defensive while the modi government is clearly.

Through the enforcement directorate keen some would say to make a political point now forget the politics at the end of the day investigations have to go as per the rule of law no one is above the rule of law certainly not any vvip politician in the country having said that the fact is that this is a case that has been there.

In the public domain for 10 years based on a complaint private complaint filed by dr subramaniam swami uh the politician in 2012. now it's taken 10 years to reach this point that's the only question that i keep raising is the process the punishment in this country where you go through one interrogation after another without the.

Accused ever leading without leading to any conviction because if there is no conviction even after 10-15 years you've already gone through a lot of harassment so i think the ed also needs to make sure that they have a fair and time-bound probe and the congress must make itself open to this probe without staging necessarily dharmas and.

Agitations outside the congress office because that sends out a message that the congress believes its leadership is about the law either way the time has come i believe to dial down at times on this politics and ensure that such high profile cases are settled sooner rather than later the basic idea is less noise more news.

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