Parts of B.C. grappling with drought conditions after dry September

Parts of B.C. grappling with drought conditions after dry September

Making a castle with unusually warm temperatures and not a cloud in the sky it doesn’t feel like fall in Vancouver this grandmother is taking advantage of the summer-like conditions but says it’s unsettling which is a bit scary for sure like I see crocuses in our neighborhood we live in East van and crocuses are popping up and I don’t remember that.

Happening in October the skies across the region have been hazy for days it’s the result of smoke from this fire near Coquitlam burning since Saturday Crews say they have slowed its growth but the manicata fire is not fully contained there has been little to no rain for weeks across BC parts of the province are under a stage four drought meaning.

The conditions are extreme so we’re kind of running out of water it’s been a very long period and all the things on the deficit side are still going on and we don’t have anything on the plus sides UBC professor John Richardson says this bog is normally filled with water this time of year he says the dry weather is hard on the forests and spawning fish.

And it could also lead to unstable land when it finally rains many soils if they’ve been dry for a long period of time become hydrophobic which means that water will just bounce off them and it takes a while for the water to actually start seeping in and that very early stages that means that water that’s hitting is going to run off really.

Quickly but for now this warm weather business is taking advantage of it like last weekend we’re almost sold out of the jet skis and we had like maybe four or five more Dock Workers than we usually do um so yeah definitely an uptick in business there is no rain in the forecast rare in.

October one of the wettest months of the year in BC Renee filiponi CBC News Vancouver

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