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Over 1,500 arrested in Brazil after government buildings stormed

Over 1,500 arrested in Brazil after government buildings stormed

They left a trail of violent crime motivated by anger and politics the mob trashed Brazil’s heart of government in the name of a president who lost and cried foul this man pointing to a picture of jair bolsonaro says my hero Hero’s house.

Authorities say they found five unexploded grenades and traces of blood urine and feces in presidential rooms rioters wielded knives and axes more than a thousand have been arrested or detained sworn in just a week ago Brazil’s president Luisa nacio Lula de Silva called the riots and attempted coup.

Needing his cabinet inside the deface building he vowed harsh punishment but the swarming of the capital shows the new government’s failed intelligence the demonstration was not a surprise widely advertised and aided by some police what happened was that not only they went there but they weren’t escorted by the police you have images.

Of the police coming with them Security Forces took two and a half hours to control the scene the governor of Brasilia a bolsonaro supporter has been suspended and encampments of followers outside Army Headquarters were broken up in Florida where bolsonaro has been staying for a week little sign of him Monday his.

Family says he went to hospital with abdominal pain but he denies he incited any of this and the destruction dug so deep that many even Lula’s opponents acknowledge it went too far bolsonaro has now become liability but today at least the country is United against what happened yesterday.

But echoing January 6th in America that outrage may not last so Susan you cover the Brazilian elections in October this violence for the moment is over but no doubt that tension is still like simmering below the surface well yes I mean you saw the moral indignation of those rioters you know the impunity of what they did and.

You know bolsonaro deeply polarized Brazilians and he left this big rift which we saw in that election it was tight it was fierce and there’s repercussions and you know president Lula faces a divided Congress still because although he won a lot of bolsonaro’s deputies are in that Congress so it’s week one of President.

Lula’s term and he’s also facing a major crisis still this isn’t going to be swept away it’s also very familiar Susan thank you you’re welcome

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