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‘Out of the naughty corner’: ‘Great day for Australia’ when climate bill is passed

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “‘Out of the naughty corner’: ‘Great day for Australia’ when climate bill is passed” here is their detail.

Give the call to the member for fremantle thank you speaker and my question is to the prime minister how will the albanese labor government's powering australia climate and energy plan change government policy from the last decade in order to create jobs cut the missions and shape our future.

Give a call to the prime minister i thank the member for fremantle for his question and i thank him for his long-term commitment in advancing action on climate change and the environment uh our powering australia plan we released in december last year.

It is the most uh comprehensive uh plan i ever put forward on these issues by an opposition and indeed was more comprehensive than any plan put forward by the former government over the previous 10 years and what it did was understand that the cheapest form of new energy is renewable energy.

And that we understood as well working with the business council of australia the australian industry group the australian chamber of commerce and industry and the national farmers federation that what business wanted was that investment certainty going forward that investment certainly that will encourage them to be.

Able to look beyond just the short term horizon towards the 5 10 20 30 year cycle that you need when it comes to investment in in new clean energy but we also understood the opportunity that comes with that this is about using that cheaper cleaner energy working with the national reconstruction fund to support existing industries to transition but.

Also supporting new industries to grow new industries in advanced manufacturing new industries making more things here making our country more resilient uh we know from the pandemic that australia is very vulnerable if we're just at the end of supply chains so we have to come up with plans where we make more things here and the key to that is cheaper.

Energy and the key to cheaper energy is cleaner energy we know that that's the case and that's why using the safeguard mechanism using the other parts of the plan which are there the electric vehicle tax cut that we've already put through the house of representatives uh the plan uh for uh community solar batteries uh.

The plan across the board using the safeguard mechanism uh to work uh with those businesses which are high emitters to make sure over a period of time they lower their emissions consistent with the objective of net zero and it's been well received as well there's one thing that uh some of the critics of climate action uh say that is correct.

Which is australia can't just do things by ourselves and that's why australia is out of the naughty corner and background negotiating and talking with our friends in the united states talking with our friends in the region our friends in europe and our friends in the pacific because we understand that the challenge of climate change is also an.

Extraordinary opportunity an extraordinary opportunity to grow the economy and grow jobs and that's why when this legislation passes both parliaments it will be a great day for australia

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