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Opposition calls for scrutiny into McKinsey contracts

Opposition calls for scrutiny into McKinsey contracts

Conservatives are going to work hard to hold the government accountable we’re going to team up with opposition parties who have a combined majority on that committee to force the government to release the information both on arrive can contractors and on McKenzie Canadians deserve answers and how their dollars are spent and we’ll make sure.

They get those answered Parliament has yet to return but it appears the agenda for 2023 is already beginning to emerge get some answers on why the federal government was spending so much money on one outside consulting firm Global Management Consultants McKinsey and Company so we want to know what all this money was for we also want.

To know about the outsized influence of this company in the operation of our government and our democracy the company is under investigation for its involvement in politics and government in France they’ve had to pay Financial penalties for their role in facilitating the sale of opioids into the United States of.

America that helped deliver a massive drug overdose crisis that is now spread into Canada a Radio Canada Investigation found the amount of money the Trudeau government spent on McKinsey is 30 times more than what the Harper conservative spent with no explanation why conservative leader Pierre pauliev says conservatives will put forward a motion.

At the government operations committee asking for every shred of documentation relating to McKinsey since the Liberals took power that includes contracts conversations records of work done meetings held text messages email exchanges everything that the government has with the company since taking office and basically what I see is that this.

Government cannot be left alone it has to be under scrutiny all the time because they have some really bad habits the move seems to have the approval of the block quebecois the BQ and the Tories though are still one vote short of a majority on that committee but the NDP seemed to be on board too in a statement to city news new Dem ethics.

Critic Matthew green points out the Tories gave money to McKinsey as well adding in part new Democrats support a full parliamentary committee investigation into the millions of dollars McKinsey has received from liberal and conservative governments City News reached out to the federal government for comment on the story but.

Is yet to receive a response in Ottawa shaoli Lee City news

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