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OPP officer shot and killed at First Nations community near Brantford

OPP officer shot and killed at First Nations community near Brantford

Good evening a 28 year old OPP officer is dead following a shooting in oswegon a six nations Grand River Community outside Brantford for 2 30 p.m Ontario Provincial Police say Constable Gregor’s Pierce Chala was in the area of Indian line and Concession 14 Walpole five minutes west of Hagersville responding to a vehicle.

In a ditch as a result of that interaction with the individuals in the vehicle that officer was shot and taken to hospital and I’m sad to say that officer has died of their injuries that started a Manhunt for two suspects reportedly seen fleeing the area in a 2021 Black Chevrolet pickup truck with an emergency alert issued in oswegon and.

Surrounding communities warning residents to shelter in place the emergency alert identified one suspect as 25-year-old Randall McKenzie and an unidentified female suspect as a new provincial Constable there’s a 10-month probation period that an officer has to go through a very extensive evaluation of their performance and today Greg had.

Received notice that he has successfully completed that probationary period and exemplary officer speaking with all of his platoon mates at the hospital tonight everybody commented about what a fantastic police officer Greg was what a tremendous individual he was that sentiment being echoed by Premier Doug Ford who says OPP provincial.

Constable Gregor’s Pierce challah was killed while honoring his oath to protect his Province he represents the best of us six nations of the Grand River elected Council also releasing a statement reading in part they’re sending their deepest condolences to officer Pierce Charles family and friends as we all.

Process and grieve this devastating event as a community prior to becoming an opp Constable pastela was a special Constable for Queen’s Park and a member of the Canadian Armed Forces

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