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Ontario’s new health minister finally breaks her silence

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Ontario’s new health minister finally breaks her silence” here is their detail.

And it's Richard Southern here live outside Queens Park continuing to follow a crisis in health care the Staffing crunch in Ontario hospitals this past weekend we have found out was even worse than we thought at least 25 hospitals had to either close or scale back operations in their emergency rooms or icus this past long weekend due to staff.

Shortages Now new health Minister Sylvia Jones has so far been silent on that issue until now I just spoke with her virtually and I asked the minister what the plan is to fix this problem right now well Richard I think to be fair you have to look at what has already happened and that is that we have a government that.

Has made historic Investments and we have 10 500 health care workers working in the province of Ontario that we didn't have uh before we focused in and made sure we were training the number of people that we need in Ontario the shortages that we're seeing again and want to reinforce this internationally I've spoken to the minister of Health.

For British Columbia who is experiencing similar situations and saying we have to work collectively Minister I appreciate that this is you're right not a situation unique to Ontario but would you not agree that ontarians deserve you know their health Minister coming out here and maybe saying hey let's get creative let's try this this and this.

Why don't you have a plan a new plan today well I think it's important to understand that those conversations are happening um I am absolutely so impressed that all of the stakeholders all of the organizations the individuals that I've been able to speak to in the last number.

Of weeks since becoming minister of Health have said we understand but the opposition here at the legislature say that's not nearly good enough interim liberal leader John Fraser calling on the minister to do more now I know this is happening all over the world but it's not an excuse for people.

To wash their hands of it and that's what it feels like the minister is doing just simply washing her hands of it but the opposition are also calling on the government to repeal Bill 124 which caps wage increases for nurses the minister though wouldn't commit to that when I asked her.

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