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Ontario officer was on his first solo patrol when he was fatally shot

Ontario officer was on his first solo patrol when he was fatally shot

Possible for child to grew up in Berry served as a special Constable at Queen’s Park before becoming an opp officer he was also an accomplished athlete in University ctv’s Siobhan Morris joins us now live with more Siobhan Nathan Greg Priscilla may have been a newly minted OPP provincial Constable but his desire to help others and make a change goes.

Back to when he was just a boy Constable Greg percella was only 28 killed on his first day responding to calls on his own this is a man who at five years old decided he wanted to be a police officer and he had a brief opportunity to live out his dream and to do his best to keep our community safe there were other steps along the way he.

Had served with us as a special Constable at Queen’s Park prior to becoming a provincial Constable he was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces Priscilla was also a competitive wrestler through his high school days in Berry and at York University a Toronto police detective Constable who coached him tweets this kid had the biggest.

Heart on our team at York and in life the purest Soul he was always aware of the needs of others and put them before his own he was the epitome of what an officer should be Priscilla’s family and his colleagues are now feeling the sting of loss speaking with all of his platoon mates at the hospital tonight everybody commented about what a fantastic police.

Officer Greg was what a tremendous individual he was a life filled with promise cut tragically short OPP commissioner Thomas Carrick said that he had spoken with the Constable’s parents last night he says they’re devastated at the loss of their son but are feeling some level of comfort from the messages of support and condolence.

They’re receiving from the policing family around the world reporting live I’m Siobhan Morris Nathan back to you

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