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One-on-one with Vancouver mayor-elect Ken Sim

One-on-one with Vancouver mayor-elect Ken Sim

To Vancouver now where Ken Sim held his first news conference today as mayor-elect after a resounding win Saturday night he struggled to answer questions about a key election promise he also spoke one-on-one with our Alyssa Tebow for his first TV interview A CTV News exclusive It’s a Brand New Day in Vancouver the.

City’s new mayor in front of his soon-to-be workplace City Hall the goal is to you know hit the ground running on November 7th when we take office Sim announced his transition team is already at work but then came questions about his promise to hire 100 police officers and 100 mental health nurses to address Public Safety particularly where are the.

Nurses coming from technically you know I’m not too sure but the the point is the substance of it is they are working together sorry I’m a chartered accountant so I get actually when you’re asking me that question I’m getting really technical like are they hired by this legal entity or that legal entity first big news conference is Vancouver’s.

Mayor how do you think that went well it was the first news conference so uh no it was a lot of fun actually this is Sims first time in public office and Saturday was a significant win and taking 50 percent of the vote he maintains his new hires will be his first act as mayor but this was a very core promise of your election campaign.

So you think that that’s the plan should be a little bit more fleshed out than this well listen we’re literally into day two uh after the election can people trust that all the other promises are concrete and have been thought through these plans have been flushed or well thought out and it’s coming from conversations that we’ve had throughout.

The city not just with residents but with Vancouver Police Department with health health providers with nurses we’ve actually pulled a bunch of nurses so we feel incredibly confident that we will be able to make significant Headway so him is also promising to ensure City Hall is running effectively we need to go through all the financials when we’re.

In office when we have line by line detail and we will you know take a very methodical approach to that and after what some called a nasty campaign Sims hoping to unite Vancouver if you could talk to voters that not only voted for you but voted against you what would you say to them right now we are going to represent the entire city.

Not just half of it and we look forward to you know helping reclaim Vancouver’s claim of being the best city on the planet again together and Alyssa joins us now Alyssa some interesting points there what else did Ken Sim say to you during the interview yeah so he really reaffirmed how excited he is to take this job he came second in.

2018 to Kennedy Stewart so he says he’s been campaigning for this for four and a half years he did I think handled the news conference quite well for someone who’s actually never held public office before and he has admitted he will probably make some mistakes the big test though will be to see if he can follow through on these promises and we will.

Have extended the video online of the interview at CTV Vancouver dot CA he’s got a big job ahead of him he certainly does okay thanks Alyssa

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