NHL Preseason Highlights | Maple Leafs vs. Red Wings – October 7, 2022

NHL Preseason Highlights | Maple Leafs vs. Red Wings – October 7, 2022

The Red Wings start with their top unit Dylan Larkin Lucas Raymond on the right Tyler bertuzzi is on the left the Maple Leafs countering with Holmberg Robertson and Morgan quickly into the middle and it’s gathered back in though by Max Ellis and back comes Rasmussen who’s getting a big opportunity with some good players tonight Rasmussen a bouncing.

Puck sent one in front of the goal God that was up there quickly for Toronto to put on the body that’s had him go debt number 71 former Colby Baker winner at Northeastern big score in college not here scores great shot I guess wow Nick abrazizi you see three guys looking at the puck.

And nobody’s looking in the slot and that’s a marvelous shot top corner with goaltender going down yep lots of time to get that one away and then Toronto gets to tighten up what was really a leaky year last season in front of the goaltenders a few sooner the center for the fourth line with Adam Ernie who’s had himself a nice preseason.

And Elmer soderblom number 85 the big six eight forward they’ve been up in Gravenhurst Ontario about an hour and a half north of Toronto where their training camp is John Tavares won’t be back for the Maple Leafs until probably second week of the season but he’s skating again a nice save there by samsona.

But it gets past him that’s Malden who plays one back into the middle and Ashana kick save and a nice one there Lindstrom for MATA as the Red Wings make a change to valeno across Center ‘s down about nine pounds from last season and his family’s Italian I said how’d your mother take that I.

Said okay it was the vegetable pasta but a good restaurant I don’t pass it up I said I hear you there’s a shot kicked out right in the slot by samsonov to come in with speed and that shot just went wide played back in by Mulligan back from Switzerland is with the Leafs a couple of years ago.

They score from the point welcome back into the lineup merasmus sandeen his first game off the new contract when he realized the puck was in the net Toronto’s good speed on the cycle really set this up to detect somebody in front the Djokovic I don’t think he saw the puck.

Yeah right there I think might have been deflected in front of the net and avoids the goaltender for a two-nothing Toronto lead and their general manager Kyle dubis Sheldon Keith their head coach they actually wanted to play eight they wanted one more knock down here for Ernie.

With soderblum quick shot in by Mata near soderblanc back to the net circling the goal with Steves save made by nadelkovic but the last four seasons for varana 1.47 goals for 62nd to Matthews as you saw.

Of course we’ll be with you with Red Wings live in an hour Red Wings Live pregame for opening night a week from tonight John Keating must be off tonight studying for that here’s bertuzzi scores rip one high over the stick side of San Antonio it’s two to one time.

Good pinch right there by Edmonton and Larkin picks it up and goes back to bertuzzi and he just used the defenseman right there as a screen and there was no chance for this goaltender this baby was right into the top corner under the Bop the goal bolts right by the goal of the crossbar no no you’re down two to nothing it’s.

Are in our conference in our division Carolina Toronto and Florida and Tampa Bay those are the big four and they’re not going anywhere they’re very good and then you got the Bruins you’re gonna miss a couple of their regulars until about four of the regular defensemen are gone so that’s that’s a talk about a revamping when you’re probably going to.

Start the season with seven got it to center ice McMahon put it in front and a chance there for Logan Shaw stopped by nadelkovic not that Baleno couldn’t play Wing but when was he beating out but in time he’ll get his time if not to start the season.

How many forests does Detroit carry what happens what a shot oh we’ve seen it before we just saw it now again six foot eight sutterball ties it up obviously paid off the puck gets basically turned over a little bit he comes that’s the end of the play comes to the front and again.

Goaltenders down down they’re all down you gotta go high there was the pressure by number 85 right there that started the problem for Toronto and the turnover created and he ended up getting the puck back because of it and then nice fake right there and off the post.

He’s got help he backhands it across Raymond they give it away what a stop is right at Ken and Calgary for sure uh with those two guys coming in and now there for a long time good quality guys how was your trip down.

To ice level you might imagine why some of them are ridiculous a chance right in front that was close in the net here’s the one you knew was close yeah mad Scrambler on the front and then Dylan Larkin had a chance boy oh boy see this thing snuck.

Oh holy Mata to the other side for Joe valeno Milano turns right Circle scores and turned by mileno on the near side right down to the near the blue line in.

Front of the leaf bench alluded to back Checker and then just shot the puck into traffic kublick was there and then it finds a way to get into the back of the net this I don’t think it hit anybody it just goes all the way in just like one of the leaf goals early Larkin and Raymond and bertuzzi with a.

Minute to go for Detroit now the net is empty Toronto for Tuesday empty net bertuzzi hits it four to two well third win for the Red Wings it’s a pretty competitive hockey game.

Two guys on for Tuesday right there but again that play is turned over at center ice it’s an easy picking for number 59 to start the linesman’s waiting and he did a good job dear congrats to him 4-2 Red Wings win.

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