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NHL Highlights | Canadiens vs. Lightning – December 28, 2022

NHL Highlights | Canadiens vs. Lightning – December 28, 2022

Victor Edmond stocks Reeves put it off the post on the short side Saturday front scores 20th time this year the lightning strike first hits one nothing drafted at no seven he hadn’t scored in seven games then he scored against Detroit now it’s two in a row but the play is made by.

Victor Hedman he stands up in the neutral zone and he jams the Canadians right there not only does he turn the puck over we’ll keep an eye on him tonight he’s already had one good chance Evans kind of knock it up for pizzetta brought back in here comes step goes kicked out by Jake Allen samco’s wanted a penalty there as he was.

Checked on his way to the net chasing 500 he gets his first best chance of the night for 498 but he’s denied by Jake Allen Sergeant dekutarov over to Braden point he’ll get it out to Center and here comes point he’s got hengel with him pass across Hingle with the tip and Jake Allen gets across it makes the same.

A big tractor for the lightning and he has a great scoring chance here and a one-nothing lightning lead Perry around the boards through stamp Coast across the circuit champ plays it for Couture.

I said to you the last time they didn’t score in two consecutive games on the power play they scored 15 in the next 10. and they’ve got one here quickly and they’ve got so many weapons and when you look at the overhead when you’re standing where we are looking down every.

Team sets up in that fashion right everybody’s got the bumper guy like point but they don’t have a bumper guy who’s got 17 goals and that’s a dangerous guy Delmar trying to clear it away Suzuki ends up chipping it towards and then knocked it down and then he comes up with a save on the back here.

Drops it back Nick Suzuki built some speed through Center gets to the Tampa Bay line knocked it over to Anderson here that guy with a shot and it’s clocked by basilevsky that’s the pulse to the National Hockey League and they just find a way to get it done and you can’t help but look.

Ahead and see what’s coming for the first round of the playoffs and that’ll probably be a rematch with the Toronto Maples super Chef on the puck for himself put it off the skate of Hoffman come over seven steps in on net pasoletski holds it whoa and he almost slides to the Kirby dock fought a little too long.

About what he wanted to do with it there and then this one that comes to the net from Culver Savage we’ve seen this a couple of times tonight where Vaseline lightning come back short-handed here’s cirelli drops it Hagel walks in pass across oh and a chance for Ian Cole on a sharp angle try to lift it over to Jake Allen.

The turnover on the play that was trying to go out to Dvorak but he was a left-hand shot the puck came out on his right side and that allowed the 10th Bay Lightning to jump all over this and Delmar behind the goal for Corey Perry Harry comes out front try to tuck it in around Allen Jake Allen makes a stop and then he keeps the puck out of the blue.

Paint caught up by Hedman cirelli knocked it Loose Anderson comes up with it and is shot in this little short side kova’s headache up now down into the corner pass in front now soleski gets across it makes a great save off Anderson that is something that makes him really good to have that kind of emotion in his.

Game without that he wouldn’t be the player he is still want to be shooting pucks at those guys and Strikes right in point works it in looking points go to the daddy scores what a goal great at Point there’s the turnover Montreal has been guilty of them he slides it in there are.

Four Montreal Canadiens and I understand there’s there’s nothing that you could say obviously this is boys against men this is a veteran Stanley Cup team that the Canadians are playing certainly the Canadians in a full rebuild here and now here comes cirelli with it cirelli trying to get it in front for.

Galore broken up gold copfield back the other way copia looks into that shooter put it off the iron such a special player and the Tampa Bay Lightning are blessed to have two or three guys on this team that you know that just are are such good players such good professionals Here.

Comes Sergeant shoots Jake Allen makes the same circuit check in front wide open man hang will try to get it down a point you know it’s good driving the side of the goal can’t jam it in guys like Anderson and Edmondson those are guys that teams will be looking at here’s the Goshen with a shot doesn’t.

Get through Hedman fires kicked out by Allen another Drive Evan don’t you stop by all right remote yeah two last game against Montreal and he’s got another one tonight.

Well Face-Off gets won by Tampa Bay they are up around 58 in this game and then it’s just a wrist shot to the net you got Hedman down there and Allen’s made a couple of saves already and I mentioned tonight when you leave players behind you and you step up and watch the Montreal Canadian players all stepping up here at this point right here look at.

The player who’s left down low it’s Hagel stop down low for armia armia right in front and it comes on to the Stick of kucharov he’s got hengel with him kuchera for hangover rebound and great in point with a chance for the Hat Trick and he fires it over the glass and out of play as we check in with Kyle Kyle bukoskus about how.

Important an integral Hagel is slide and he mentions he goes to the net Belmar lifts it in gloves might come off here at Center Rory Perry takes a couple of shots at pizzetta and now the gloves do come off but away they go I don’t think Perry dropped his glove I think he hit him with the glove on that’s why kazetta wasn’t ready for it.

And we’ll have a look at it to be sure but I’m pretty sure that kazetta didn’t see the glove fall off there you go the left shoulder which is a good clean hit nothing wrong with that Perry didn’t like it didn’t they meet up a few seconds later and there you’re going to see the stick into the groin of.

Pizzetta and then he drops it but what Pez is waiting for is to see Corey Perry’s gloves come off kind of a blueprint of the same thing tonight they strike early they get the lead and then vasilevski just shuts it GUI scores Kane and Cooley’s point shot off the post here not sure if it hits somebody.

On the way to goal but Kaden Cooley makes it a 4-1 game with his second of the year now off the Face-Off Montreal Dvorak does a nice job of winning Edmondson puts it right in the Wheelhouse for goolie and this is just a low Puck that catches the post and in and of course you know vasilevski is a big guy so he drops down watch the.

Drop down spread the legs out but it’s too late it’s already by him and they are one of four teams to have no losses when leading after the first as they’ll move to 14-0 foreign

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