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NFL Power Rankings Week 17

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NFL Power Rankings Week 17

Sutton don’t search Future’s bright if they can just you know change 15 out of it yes second and ten and Dulce has the touchdown looked differently for the Colts next year pulls takes it to no one in projector and now throws a pick intercepted by Michael Davis.

And Davis with a nice return gonna be brought down by Woods near the 42. picture oh the pictures of William goldston’s down there and he’s got it.

On first down free inside very close to the goal line he’ll be marked down short of it Lydell Mitchell went to the Baltimore Colts second down at eight Ritter hangs in the pocket down oh London goes up the ladder and makes the catch inside the Ravens.

Five yard line got Tennessee looking for a Christmas miracle Willis winds up throws it down the field into the end zone hit him updid patri goes down and they’ve got one going right here third and ten Watson thought about climbing the pocket he’s got all day to throw but everyone’s.

Covered he’ll finally fire a strike and it is drugs in the end zone Cooper headed for six wow Red Zone number one red zone defense in the league unbelievable on third down as well down the middle oh he comes right back and catches his second touchdown of the game Willis in the shotgun Henry blockers ahead Derrick Henry still.

Going breaks free Henry at the ten five touchdown and of course the Saints playing a 10th straight game without the services of Marshawn Lattimore Watson’s piss broke it up and intercepted picked off incredible from Geno Smith that was a little low.

Toss play to Walker trying to get to the edge nice cut back and Walker down the sideline Out of Bounds at Midfield moving everywhere from the 29 36 seconds to go Vegas has all their timeouts Carr steps up over the middle he’s got Renfro but he overso and it’s intercepted by Sutton.

Brady throws the shot white can he get there yes touchdown the rookie out of Arizona State Foreman breaks through Deontay Foreman there’s that little wiggle move and all the way to the 35-yard line Jeff okuda saved a lot more third and 29. Jones.

Steps up tries to avoid it by some time Jones uncorks touchdown on the ricochet from the Raiders 14. Pickett over the middle touchdown George Pickens with 46 seconds to go Robinson in the backfield.

First and Ten heinecke blocked by Bates going deep he’s got him McLaren What A Catch at the five got the ball down at the six Lawrence with his first pass of the night but won’t get it off the ball is now out Brad Allen is here to signal they call it a fumble Jacksonville.

Thinks they’ve retained position but Allen says no it’s the Jets ball they’re going to want it and in the biggest moments Sequon Barkley said he wanted the ball touchdown Giant tangavailoa Under Pressure found a hole for Jalen wattle got a block and got three water with the speed takes it.

Inside the 30. keeps on going all the way home touchdown Miami Dolphins trying to snap a three-game losing streak tangavailoa oh oh that one’s picked dueling interceptions jair Alexander punch counter punch you can see Garrett Griffin the tight end lining up in that full-back position yeah just called up from the practice squad time.

For golf going deep he’s got Raymond can he connect yes Kyle he’s Raymond hauls it in at the 20. from the Falcons 46. Edwards inside the 20 still going Gus Edwards takes it all the way down huge disparity in place time possession yardage quick throw to the outside here Ingram.

Breaking tackles and the one-time Giant but a big Point here in this game from the one first down and goal touchdown Eckler and the Chargers strike first tonight playing this kind of Defense tight here in the Red Zone trying to do it again.

Here comes a blitz by the Giants cousins to the end zone for Hawkins said that’s unfortunate he’s had a great start to this game but you mentioned if Michael Gallup can continue with Ty Hilton poor man Rush Prescott going deep has lamb he’s got it and the spin and he’s.

In Touchdown Dallas have a little fun on third down and goal Mahomes stepping up looking Mahomes he’s diving for the pylon Patrick Mahomes is it a touchdown no signal yes touchdown Kansas City inning but lately they’re really protecting Joe burrow Jamar Chase named the Pro Bowl Burl looking down the sideline Higgins 50-50 ball it’s caught.

By Higgins more like 80 20. new set of downs for Allen and the bills this is Singletary Singletary with a hole up the middle fifteen ten five touchdown Buffalo open the field up a little bit this Dallas passing game gets even better on the fake Prescott roll out and it’s intercepted by sweat Josh sweat brings a.

Tackle sweat is gonna score defensive line coach he’s done an outstanding job with that group up front good point third and four and the lead