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News Night | PM Narendra Modi inaugurates 17th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas Convention

News Night | PM Narendra Modi inaugurates 17th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas Convention

foreign this is a show on which we tell you what happened around the globe and in the country and the day just going by well the Prime Minister today inaugurated the Parvati party tables in Indore in madhya.

Pradesh the 17th which started in 2003 uh during uh you know atal bhari vajpayee’s government it was essentially designed to be an NRI day the Prime Minister today told the diaspora that look India’s growth story is well known India is respected is a powerful country in the world is achieving its place under the sun and we.

Want you to be at the center of this growth journey and want you to be the brand ambassadors of India on foreign soil he called them rastra dudes which basically means ambassadors or Brazen brand ambassadors of India what all transpired at that convention which is still on tomorrow the prime the president of India will deliver the.

Valedictory address and give away the parvasi uh bharti samman Awards which is the highest honor given to overseas Indians so uh what all transpired there we’ll talk about that at length over the next one hour right now let’s take a look at the news at the headlines we are tracking as I saw the mentioned in Indore city of madhya.

Pradesh calls upon pravasi bhartis to strengthen India’s unique global vision and its important role in the global order says India is being looked at with hope and curiosity foreign should also be included in the framework of India’s 25 years of development in.

Amrit Khal president of Guyana Muhammad Irfan Ali appreciates prime minister modi’s vishwas policy says this country is learning a lot from India from humanitarian initiatives to Human Resource Management first G20 Global partnership for financial inclusion meeting in Kolkata.

Holds the Symposium of engaging sessions and role of digital public infrastructure to augment digital Financial Services delegates visit and exhibition on digital Innovations for advancing Financial inclusion showcasing homegrown Technologies of India questions.

Brazilian police will take control of presidential Palace after invasion of government buildings president Luda holds first cabinet meeting following Brasilia rights vows to punish writers world leaders including prime minister Narendra Modi and U.S President Joe Biden condemned the attack foreign.

of killing 600 Ukrainian soldiers and Rocket strikes in eastern Europeans Grandma thoughts region Ukraine rejects the claim jarensky sells his forces are repelling constant attacks on the town of baked in eastern donbass region expansionist China continues its.

Belligerence and carries out combat drills around Taiwan the second such exercise in less than a month this is concerns over its intention Taiwan condemns China for its latest from bad drugs near the island Germany’s free Democratic party delegation arrives in Taiwan in a show of support for the Island’s democracy.

foreign detail Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the 17th pravasi bhartiya Davis convention in door on Monday the Prime Minister also released a commemorative postage stamp suraksha Jai prakshikshit Jain to underline the importance of safe legal orderly and.

Skilled migration at the convention in Indore the three-day pravasi bharti Davis convention will conclude on Tuesday with President drop the murmur giving away the parvasi party saman Awards prime minister Narendra Modi family inaugurated the pravasi bharti rivers.

Convention at Indore in madhya Pradesh on Monday speaking on the occasion prime minister called upon the pravasi bharatias or the overseas Indians to strengthen India’s unique global vision and its important role in the global order prime minister said that today India is being looked at with hope and curiosity he added that India’s voice is.

Being heard on the global stage especially during India’s G20 presidency is varsh Bharat duniyake G20 Bharat is foreign foreign.

Foreign the Prime Minister also recall the efforts of the nation to tackle the covet challenge foreign foreign foreign.

Setting up of Institutions for the Indian diaspora focused on various subjects like languages films it Etc this convention it’s a great momentum for new opportunities to explore for both our Nations and the so-called America of New India which was introduced by prime minister.

Narendra Modi in 2021 which we support projected 25 years of sustainability should not only be spread to all areas and places in India but it should also get Outreach to our diaspora Nations an Indian diaspora institution can be established in the Caribbean region for training in Hindi language training and culture Etc.

President of Guyana Dr Mohammed Irfan Ali while appreciating prime minister Narendra modi’s and sappa vishwas policy said that our country is also learning a lot from India from humanitarian initiatives to Human Resource Management kind of pursues similar ideas like prime minister SRI Narendra Modi as president.

I find commonality in the philosophy India is a world leader in developing pativa Talent and utilizing product technology and we look forward to further collaborating in these two areas the program was also addressed by external affairs minister Dr SJ Shankar in madhya Pradesh chief minister shivrat Singh Chauhan Shiva.

Singh Chauhan said that the prime minister is tying the whole world in the Mantra of vasudeva kutumbakam and the country is touching New Heights under his leadership and arise from around 70 countries across the world are attending the conference the conference will conclude on Tuesday where president drop the murmur will confer the pravasi.

Bhartiya saman their report Didi India and prime minister Narendra Modi met the president of Suriname Chandra Ka Prasad santoki on the sidelines of the 17th pravasivate Davis on Monday President santoki is on an official visit to India from the 7th to the 14th of January and is a special guest of honor at the 17th pravasi-partya Davis.

Prime minister Narendra Modena tweet said and I quote had an excellent meeting with President uh Chandra Prasad santoki we reviewed the full range of relations between India and Suriname we discussed Avenues of cooperation in futuristic areas like innovation technology Maritime security and more foreign.

Minister Modi also met with the president of Guyana Dr Mohammed Irfan Ali on the sidelines of the 17th PVD in Indore president Irfan Ali is on an official visit to India from the 8th to the 14th of January and is the chief guest at the 17th PVD president Irfan Ali will hold bilateral discussions with President drop the murmur and attend the.

Valedictory session of the pravasi Bhatia saman award ceremony on Tuesday and PM in a tweet said and I quote glad to have met president Dr Mohammed Irfan Ali in Indore earlier today we talked about deepening ties in key sectors like Health technology infrastructure and more and that brings us to our InFocus.

Tonight our in Focus tonight is diaspora India’s brand ambassadors on foreign soil that’s our talking point or in Focus tonight diaspora India’s brand ambassadors on foreign soil uh we have two guests on our show tonight I’m told I have one test right now uh Veena sikri former senior Diplomat and I’ll also have another guest joining in a little.

Later but let me begin with a winner Secret at the moment uh Ambassador thank you very much for joining us on the show at this later it’s always a pleasure to have you on the show and listen to your insights uh Ambassador the Prime Minister says he wants the pravasi bharatus or the overseas Indians to be brand ambassadors.

Of India yes they have an emotional connect some of them are first generation migrants some of them are second third fourth generation uh you know some went way back in time when the British took them as indentured laborers especially to Caribbean Mauritius places like that Etc then there were waves of economic migration to you know Europe to.

Canada to the United States Etc but how does the present overseas Indian sees India what India does he want to be what India does India want them to be a brand ambassador of well to me basically I think the underlying theme of this is very relevant the theme is the diaspora as reliable Partners in India’s.

Progress in the amritical in the next 25 years as we lead up to the Centenary of India’s independence the daspora is India’s most reliable and positive partner in fact I would say that since we have such a huge diaspora the largest in the world 34 million people of Indian origin living in different parts of the world their participation their.

Partnership in India’s progress is vital because living abroad they are the ones who’ve been living there for a long time as we just mentioned they are the ones who go to the Local Schools they are the ones who participate in local local Partnerships in Google entrepreneurship they are the doctors the engineers the corporate leaders and what they do and.

Say and think about India has a great impact on the people of that country whether it is USA Australia or Guyana or Suriname all over the world so in this sense the Indian diaspora the Indian individual the diaspora is a brand ambassador of India on foreign soil because he is the first point of contact across the Indian capacity is there the.

Indian Ambassador is the the connecting factor between the Indian government and the foreign government and the people of that foreign country but the Indian diaspora as the first point of contact they feel good about India they say something good about India it has a strong impact it says yes this is what India is really about the people of.

Indian origin are saying this so in important thing is the partnership to build up this partnership a reliable partnership a two-way partnership because obviously the people of Indian origin living abroad also look to India they have their relatives here their friends here their cultural groups here the cuisine Roots here their Heritage.

Here so all that is there and so they love to come back to India and if they can develop a partnership that India is making them feel participatory in India’s March ahead to progress in India’s Global Leadership build up uh then it is a very very important factor but do you think the Indian diaspora is ready to partner with India you know I.

Come from Punjab uh we have the you know there is a sizeable Punjabi diaspora where I talk to my cousins Etc who you know shifted abroad to my uncles they said yeah I mean it’s a good place to come and Roots but has it has India changed to the level where they can move beyond the emotional connection and look at forging a win-win partnership where.

They can come in West they can come innovate they can have fruitful partnership which is which helps which which which takes the whole dynamic Beyond just the emotional connect um I think it’s happening now I can certainly say and also from the Punjab and I do do know exactly the sense in which you have said this uh but I think.

I also compare say in the 70s when I just started my diplomatic career and we were posted abroad in different parts of the world and I compare that uh with the 21st century with the last five six eight years there is a huge difference in the way in which the diaspora speaks about India perceives India and they really see today that there’s a.

Partnership let us say for example in the area of Education before this you could not imagine that people of Indian origin would think of say coming back to India and studying you know they are living abroad they will go they will study where they are based or they will go to Canada or USA or Australia or you get to study but today I can tell you.

When I have seen Intel in the last five years I’ve been in 2016 I wrote a report on India software project and I’ve seen when I met the young diaspora abroad that then many of them looked to India to come the iccr is giving a lot of very good scholarships which has sought after which I looked at and this is not only for learning about Indian music and.

Indian dance and Indian Heritage but also for studying they want to come and do business management here some are even prepared to come and study medicine here and the Indian system is now facilitating this whereas earlier on maybe 20 25 30 years ago there was no question of any such facilitation and only in the last few years I’ve had a.

Great partnership has built up and we’re prepared to give hundreds of scholarships will be prepared to invite people of Indian origin their children the Next Generation to come and study here so that has made a big difference because when you come and study here and live here and then it gives you a good uh start to a career because you have.

Studied in India it makes a big difference but not only on your on your career but also on what you think about India so these are concrete ways then for example you have a lot of people people coming to India for medical treatment you know from all over the world but also Indian diaspora from different parts and they find it very.

Good the importance of yoga you know the Indian the Indian diaspora is so proud to be ambassadors of Indian yoga and the message of Indian yoga which is now so sought after all over the world and India and each Indian member of the diaspora will say yes this is from our land this is from India and it is good for you it is good to reduce your health.

It gives you a sense of well-being of Happiness so you know this is the spiritual message is now uh so the spiritual and cultural message is is is the meeting with the requirements and needs of the Indian diaspora there is always the question of um our political differences you know there’s a question of some people I think it is sad that.

You know some members of political parties in India try to use members of the Indian diaspora to speak against India whereas I know that early on this was never the case and you always had a situation where uh you know the diaspora was always looking to discuss with you to have an important conversation to see.

How the mutual partnership can be uh improved and strengthened but now it doesn’t matter even if there is this kind of a political aspect to it this is small mind now the better that happens in a democracy I mean you have all kinds of voices in a democracy and perhaps that is what the strength of democracy is uh till the time you know the broad.

Narrative is in National interest uh Ambassador secrete the Prime Minister Said Today by addressing the inauguration the inaugural ceremony of the convention he said the diaspora have a significant role to play in the country’s Journey as it enters the Amrit Khal in the next 25 years chandrika Prasad santoki who is the You.

Know Chief guest or special guest of fauna at he’s the president of Suriname said that India has proven to be a partner on Regional and Global platforms he said we want to be a part of the this uh you know the the India’s Journey as it enters amritkal so how can the diaspura be a part of this journey of this growth story and be at the center.

And heart of this change you know uh I think that the most it has been seen visibly by the diaspora in the last few years for example the vaccine my three initiative you know I think uh both the presidents of Suriname and general spoke about it because they experienced the first hand and they saw that when the rest of the world was not.

Willing to give them uh the vaccine the covet vaccine on a priority basis India gave them the covet vaccine on a priority basis to many many countries of the world wherever it was needed wherever a helping hand was sought from India India extended the helping hand and gave them the vaccine even though at the same time we were able to speed up.

The program strengthen our domestic program and provide vaccines for so many crops and crops of Indians as well so this message that India is prepared to extend the hand of need has been a very vital one it has been very valuable because it has shown uh to the Indian diaspora and all of the world that a Friend in Me is a friend indeed so when.

You can help your friend it makes such a strong impact especially in the question of health so this is this is a very important aspect now let’s look at the other aspect you see today so many members of the Indian diaspora who are heading corporates who are the leading corporate figures of the world true uh you know any big company in the world.

You look at it they either have an Indian uh diaspora CEO or are going to have one very soon in the next few years this again is a very important message and there is something about the Indian Heritage the Indian system of Education uh the Indian upbringing that makes the the people so vital so full of energy that they go abroad study their work.

There and then reach the top in such a short parallel short period of time so these messages are very vital and these messages are being understood by many people uh all across the world so this is reflected well on absolutely Indian diaper understanding the need and the value of their growing in directly so we hope this partnership becomes a.

Fruitful partnership a reliable partnership and in fact the Prime Minister said that you know he urged the Indian universities to document the contributions made by the diaspora so diaspora has their own set of strengths this is a new changing India which offers a plethora of opportunities and both can fruitfully partnership.

Uh well Ambassador Vena sikri that’s all the time I have for but thank you very much for taking our time for us and lending us your insights thank you and moving on India and Panama Panama signed an agreement on cooperation and training of diplomats on the sidelines of pbd in Indore Dr Jai Shankar appreciated the foreign minister Janina.

Tevoni of Panama’s participation in the pdpd convention both the leaders shared perspectives on global situation and also discuss opportunities for greater economic health finance and people-to-people linkages and India Inc the Hajj 2023 a policy bilateral agreement with Saudi Arabia India thanked the kingdom for a Hajj.

Quota of 1 lakh 75 025 to India and conveyed all support to the success of Hajj 2023. the first meeting of the global partnership for financial inclusion working group of G20 and the finance track of G20 India started in the city of Joy Kolkata today promoting Financial inclusion facilitating financial.

Literacy and reducing cost of transfer of remittances are the key Focus areas of the three-day event day one started with a symposium on unlocking the potential of digital public infrastructure my colleague Ajay Mishra brings us more in this report India’s G20 presidency is grounded in the theme of vasudeva kutumbaka which.

Underlines the message of Equitable growth and share future for all Financial inclusion is crucial to achieving the goals of poverty elevation and economic empowerment of vulnerable segments as a positively impacts sustainable and inclusive economic growth the first meeting of the global.

Partnership for financial inclusion started on Monday with a symposium on unlocking the potentials of digital public infrastructure for advancing Financial inclusion and productivity games the Indian side was represented by economic advisor in the Ministry of Finance chanchal Chand sarkar saurabh.

Garg CEO of uid I and sonali Sim Gupta Chief general manager in charge of financial inclusion in RBI perhaps going forward dpis would you would also need to re-look at the governing structure of for the apis and that would need to be agile and responsive to the needs of the entire ecosystem.

These digital Solutions and Technology systems that enable the effective provision of essential society-wide functions and services in the public and private sectors have the potential to unlock barriers to financial services access and usage and help individuals households and businesses to tap.

Economic efficiencies leading to productivity Fields gpfi over the years during various residencies has developed Pathways to further digital Financial inclusion targeting vulnerable segments such as smes women youth informal sector Etc which are instrumental in shaping transformational initiatives across countries on all the three dimensions.

Access usage and quality of financial inclusion during your presidency will continue to focus towards furthering the cause of Technology made Financial inclusion during the Symposium there was a special message read out from Queen Maxima of Netherlands which highlighted the achievements of India’s digital stake greater connectivity and digital.

IDs allow access to financial services for Millions previously left behind Fair competition and interoperable payment systems help markets work better for even the smaller scale customers cyber Security customer protection data governance and digital literacy help marginalize communities navigate these services in ways that work for them the.

G20 delegates could be seen and crossed in an exhibition on digital Innovations for financial inclusion the exhibition showcases India’s homegrown Technologies achievements and efforts in advancing digital Financial inclusion in line with the previous G20 meetings during the first month of India’s presidency held in udaipur Mumbai and.

Bengaluru the Kolkata meeting will also be an opportunity for visiting delegates to experience the vibrant culture of West Bengal during the three days G20 delegates will get a glimpse of the rich culture Cuisine sites of historical importance such as sprawling Gardens colleges universities libraries auditoriums and.

Famous art galleries of Kolkata just like the venues of the previous meetings there would be cultural programs and excursions for the participants in Kolkata too the first meeting of global partnership for financial inclusion will focus on the tools and technologies that promote Financial inclusion and Bridge the digital divide the three-day Grand.

Event here in the city of Joy Kolkata will also provide India an opportunity to showcase the might of India’s stake including arhar and npci with camera person kuldeep Sharma Ajay Mishra for DD India Kolkata meeting of in Kolkata were dedicated from member countries have assembled for a three-day session the chief minister.

During a speech said the state government has created 12 million jobs and increased Bengal’s GDP manifold foreign the Ministry of Education and state Machinery of Tamil Nadu held Preparatory meetings in Chennai ahead of the first meeting of the G20 education working group in early February take a look.

Flavor of G20 at the Chennai airport the city of Chennai is ready to welcome G20 delegates for the first meeting of the G20 education working group early next month officials of the Union education Ministry and the state Machinery of Tamil Nadu made in Chennai the capital of the state on Monday to review preparations ahead of the first meeting.

Of the education working group on first and second February 2023 since IIT Madras will be the venue for meetings in Chennai officials held a preparatory meeting at the institution on Sunday which was chaired by IIT Madras director Professor kamakoti Monday saw a visit to the pancharats also known as five rats or pandavrats a monument complex at.

Mahabalipuram on the coromandel coast of the Bay of Bengal in the kachipuram district of Tamil Nadu the complex is part of the UNESCO world heritage site inscribed by UNESCO as group of monuments at mahabalipura the monoliths are named after the and thus have historical significance G20 delegates will be taken on an.

Excursion to the panchrats at mahabalipuram the G20 education working group has four priorities ensuring foundational literacy and numeracy especially in the context of Blended learning making Tech enables learning more inclusive qualitative and collaborative at every level building capacities promoting lifelong learning.

In the context of future of work and strengthening research and promoting Innovation through richer collaboration and Partnerships seminar of the exhibition that is being organized gives us an opportunity to showcase not only the best practices of what is happening in the country but also getting the other countries.

Involved by showcasing what they have done such that each of us can learn on it why do Madras Chennai seminar will be focusing on Tech enable learning the seminar an exhibition that we will organize in Amritsar which is on the team based on research and collaboration similarly in bhubaneshwar when we are talking about future of work and skill.

Development we will be opening a platform for these countries and our own country to Showcase these best practices and and the ultimate one which we are having in Pune the topic is all Foundation literacy and this will again give us Avenues to showcase our best practices there a seminar on role of digital.

Technology in education on 31st January in Chennai will proceed to the first meeting of the education working group on the first two days of February in the city Bureau report defense minister rajnath Singh chaired the ambassador’s Roundtable conference for the forthcoming Aero India 2023 in New Delhi on Monday the Reach Out event.

Organized by the Department of Defense production the ministry of defense was attended by ambassadors High Commissioners and charged Affairs and defense the tashes of over 80 countries the defense minister invited the representatives from across the world to attend Asia’s largest and 14th Arrow show Aero India 2023 which will be held.

In Bengaluru in Karnataka between 13th to 17th of February he urged them to encourage their respective defense and aerospace companies to attend the global event India is currently holding the presidency of the G20 the G20 member represent around 85 percent of the global GDP over.

75 percent of the global trade and about two-thirds of the world population the upcoming G20 Summit in India is taking place in the larger context of a major geopolitical crisis food and energy security concerns comparatively slower progress on sustainable development goals mounting public debt.

Burdens and Urgent climate change related issues thousands of supporters from right-wing former president of uh president uh your bolsonaro stormed the country’s Congress Supreme Court and presidential offices on Sunday we’re talking about Brazil to protest what they claimed was a stolen election they were dressed in green and.

Yellow and flooded the seat of par in Brasilia appearing to Brazil’s military for intervention they demanded a review of October 30th runoff election victory of Lula dasova the images reminded us of the 6th of January 2021 invasion of the U.S capital building by supporters of them U.S president Donald Trump Brazilian Supreme Court Justice.

Alexander D Morales removed the governor of brasilda Ibanez Rocha from his position after Sunday’s attacks it was a major security breach in Brazil supporters are far right former president hard bolsonaro on 8th January invaded the country’s Congress presidential Palace and Supreme Court in Brasilia the visuals are a grim echo of.

The U.S capital Invasion almost exactly two years ago by fans of former president Donald Trump bolsonaro’s a supporter holding up the Brazilian flag shout at Freedom as other members of the mob took photographs of themselves inside the palace according to local media about 3 000 people were involved Brazilian president Luis enacio Lula da.

Silva declared a Federal Security intervention in Brasilia he said all of the writers will be identified and punished light through vendors destroying what they found in front of them we think there was a lack of security and I wanted to tell you that all those people who did this will be found and punished.

They will realize that democracy guarantees the right to freedom and free speed but it also demands that people respect the institutions created to strengthen democracy and these people these vendors what could we say are phonetical Nazis fastest did what was never been done in this country but Brazil’s former president har.

Bolsonaro rejected accusations against him by his successor luazenacio Lula da Silva in comments from his Twitter account bolsonaro also said that peaceful demonstrations were a part of democracy but that any invasion of public buildings crossed the line Brazilian police opened fire at supporters of Brazil’s far right former.

President hard bolsonaro that had attempted to take the Congress the site of thousands of yellow and green-clad protesters running right on the capital capped months of tension following the 30th October vote bolsonaro an acolyte of Trumps who has yes to concede defeat peddled the false claim that Brazil’s electronic voting system was prone to.

Fraud spawning a violent movement of election deniers it was extremely terrible unexplainable because we have a democratic regime Lula the Silva won a fair election with all the votes counted he won by a majority I think it’s inexplicable and unacceptable I hope those responsible are found and this movement’s members are held.

Accountable and judged global leaders condemned attacks on Brazil’s government buildings prime minister Narendra Modi tweeted saying deeply concerned about the news of rioting and vandalism against the state institutions in Brasilia Democratic institutions must be respected by everyone we extend our full.

Support to the Brazilian authorities U.S President Joe Biden tweeted saying I condemn The Assault on Democracy around the peaceful transfer of power in Brazil Brazil’s Democratic institutions have a full support and the will of the Brazilian people must not be undermined I look forward to continuing to work with Luis enasio Lula da Silva U.S.

Secretary of State Anthony blinken called for an end to the violence Mexico’s president Andres Manuel Lopez obrador tweeted Lula is not alone The Invasion poses an immediate problem for Lula who was only inaugurated on 1st January and has pledged to unite a nation turned by bolsonaro’s nationalist populism.

White House National Security adviser Jake Sullivan said the United States condemns any effort to undermine democracy in Brazil President Biden is following the situation closely and our support for Brazil’s Democratic institutions are unwavering Brazil’s democracy will not be shaken by violence Brazil’s president Lewis and asiolula.

Dasilva on Sunday night inspected the headquarters of Brazil’s three branches of government following an invasion there were no immediate reports of deaths or injuries from the Rampage but the Invaders left a trail of Destruction throwing Furniture through the smashed Windows of the presidential Palace flooding parts of congress with a.

Sprinkler system and ransacking ceremonial rooms in the Supreme Court Brazilian police have arrested at least 200 people for participating in the Looting of Brazil’s government buildings we have approximately 200 people arrested in flagrante delicate and arrest in flagrante delict to continue because technically the flagrant occurs.

While the crime is being committed or shortly after the Brazilian police retook control of the country’s presidential Palace late on Sunday the uprising which lasted a little over three hours underlined the severe polarization that still grips the country days after the inauguration of leftist President Lewis and asiolulada.

Silva who defeated bolsonaro in the October election Lula was away from the capital on an official trip to Sao Paulo state foreign and now let’s take a look at what’s transpiring in the Russia Ukraine war after Russia’s claimed that its strike.

Skill 600 Ukrainian soldiers a video surfaced in from Eastern Ukraine’s karamotska region damage could be seen due to moscow’s Rocket strikes across the city in the video received from Reuters although no building was seen destroyed in the video the footage has come in the wake of Russia’s defense Ministry claim that its forces targeted.

A dormitory temporary housing hurricane in personnel and that it had targeted as revenge for New Years attack by Kiev however there were no obvious signs that soldiers had been living there and no signs of birdies or trusses of blood as intense battle continues between Ukrainian and Russian forces Ukraine’s president volada Muse zelenski said that.

His forces are repelling constant attacks on the town of bhagmud in the Eastern donbass region the situation on the front line has not changed during the first week of the year heavy fights continue in luhan’s region and those Tech region every hot spot in this area is well known bookmat is holding on despite everything.

And even though most of the town has been destroyed by Russian strikes our soldiers are repealing constant personal attempts to advance suradar is holding on even though there is even greater destruction and things are very difficult there is no piece of land near these two cities where the occupiers would not spare their lives for the.

Crazy ideas of the Russian regime this is one of the bloodiest places on the front Drone footage or shows that damage at the market in the village of savichenko in kharki region where a Russian missile killed two women and wounded four others badly wounded people.

Lay on the ground and rescue workers shifted through piles of rubble overturned and burning stalls meanwhile in the prisoner swap between Russia and Ukraine Moscow freed 50 Ukrainian servicemen on Sunday the release Ukrainian troops were seen holding flag and signing Ukrainian.

National anthem another video released by ukrainians coordinating headquarters for the treatment of prisoners of War purportedly showed a group of free prisoners of War Rising for a group photo the organization said those release included prisoners captured in Maria Paul and the Chernobyl nuclear power station.

On the other hand Russian defense minister informed on Sunday that Ukraine had released 50 captured Russian soldiers after negotiation Russian defense minister released a video on Sunday showing men boarding a bus at an undisclosed location defense minister said the freed soldiers would be flown to Moscow for medical and psychological.

Rehabilitation Ukraine confirmed information and said Russia had faced 50 Ukrainian servicemen as part of the same deal news night desk TD India with China carried outcome bad drills around Taiwan the second such exercise in less than a month in 24 hours the Taiwan defense Ministry reported to have detected 57 Chinese aircraft and four.

Naval vessels operating around the island including 28 aircraft which flew into taiwan’s Air Defense Zone the pla or the people’s Liberation Army said in a statement that its forces had organized joint combat Readiness patrols and actual combat drills in the sea and airspace around Taiwan it is focused on land strikes and seek assaults.

The expansionist China continued its belligerence and carried out combat drills around Taiwan on Sunday the second such exercise in less than a month has again raised concerns over its intention towards Taiwan as it considers the island country as part of one China Doctrine in 24 hours the Taiwan defense Ministry reported to have detected 57.

Chinese aircrafts and four Naval vessels operating around the island including 28 aircrafts which flew into taiwan’s Air Defense Zone The People’s Liberation Army’s Eastern theater command said in a statement that its forces had organized joint combat Readiness petrol and actual combat drills in the sea and air space around Taiwan it is focused on land.

Strikes and sea assaults the aim of the exercise was to test joint combat capabilities and resolutely counter provocative actions of external forces and Taiwan independent separatist forces China seized practically governed Taiwan as its own territory and has been ramping up military political and economic pressure to assert those claims.

China carried out similar exercises late last month with Taiwan reporting 43 Chinese aircrafts had crossed the Taiwan Straits median line beijing’s latest Maneuvers come as members of parliament from Germany arrived on Monday ahead of an anticipated ministerial visit later this year meanwhile a delegation of parliamentarians from Germany’s free.

Democratic party arrived in Taiwan on Monday in a show of support for the Island’s democracy amid military threats from its neighbor China Mary Agnes Frank Zimmerman head of the German parliamentary defense committee and member of the governing Coalition partner fdp led the delegation together with Johannes vocal at their meeting.

With taiwan’s president of the legislative Yuan Yushi Kun I want to again thank the German Parliament and the free Democratic party for your support for Taiwan although Taiwan and Germany are geographically distanced from each other we share the same language of democracy freedom and human rights we are all Democratic.

Allies and Taiwan will staunchly safeguard the universal values of Freedom democracy and human rights I also hope that in the National Democratic allies can support Taiwan to fight against China’s aggression and bullying protect International peace and stability and push for China’s democratization together.

During their four-day visit meetings with President sign Wen and Premier Sue sang Chang are also on the agenda coming as a precursor to a visit by German education Minister betting Stark van Zinger also of the FTP said for later this spring we support Taiwan China policy but having said that we want to also say as Freedom cuts and as one part.

Of the legislative majority forming the new German government that we support Taiwan when it comes to making it totally clear that military aggression and the threat of military aggression coming from Beijing is inacceptable and we want to also see that you see our visit here as a gesture of support China has ramped up military and political.

Pressure against democratically governed Taiwan over the past two years as it seeks to assert its Affinity claims with the government in Taipei strongly rejects newsnite desk DD India foreign people braved heavy rains in central London to protest against the Iranian government pressing home demands for.

More freedom democracy and women rights the demonstration was one of the several being held in Europe and the United States against the Iranian government continues about 3 000 people braved heavy rains in central London on Sunday to protest against the Iranian government pressing home demands for more freedom democracy.

And women’s rights the demonstration was one of several being held in Europe and the United States of America from what’s going on in Iran for the last 40 years and over 40 years and it’s brutal is gone there is no freedom and we want democracy we want a republic and people of different backgrounds are here.

7th of January Iran hanged two men for allegedly killing a member of the security forces during Nationwide protests that followed the death of 22 year old Kurdish Iranian women Mesa amini on September 16 footage aired on Iranian State television on Saturday showed two defendants identified as Muhammad mahadi karami and Syed Muhammad.

Husseini testifying during the court hearing on an unspecified date in December 2022 both men were convicted of killing ruhala ajamya a member of the basij paramilitary force militia Iran’s clerical rulers have faced the biggest protests in years since September when mahesha amini died in the custody of the morality police who.

Enforced strict dress codes mesamini died after falling into a coma authorities said she suffered a heart attack after being taken to a station to be educated but a family denied the claim of heart problems her father later said she had bruises on her legs and held police responsible for her death and since then protests began on social.

Media and on the streets DD India let’s now take a look at what else made news around the world former prime minister Andre babes told media Justice prevailed after court acquitted him of alleged fraud in securing European Union subsidies on Monday improving the Billionaire’s.

Prospects in a presidential election this week in which he is among the favorites the prosecution had sought a suspended jail term and a fine accusing babis of hiding his ownership of one firm 15 years ago to illegally tap 2 million euros of EU funds to build a Leisure and Conference Center near the capital drug.

U.N Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez called on Monday for sweeping reform of the International Financial system to allow for low-income countries vulnerable to climate calamities to receive adequate funding from richer Nations addressing a conference in Geneva on rebuilding efforts in the wake of devastating floods in Pakistan gutres.

Said the International Financial system was skewed to benefit wealthy countries and should be reformed to ensure a more equitable distribution of resources people flock to local exit and entry management centers to get their document approved on Monday the first working day for China’s immigration Administration to resume processing citizens.

Applications for ordinary passports following adjustments of the country’s covid-19 prevention protocol in Beijing people lined up after making appointments to get their passports renewed or obtain other travel permits to Hong Kong and Macau which are the special administrative regions many have been making travel plans for the first.

Time in three years police are investigating whether an attempt was made to poison South African power utility escorts outgoing chief executive Andre de Rooter according to the state-owned company and a government Minister on Sunday escom’s head of security said in a statement that it could not comment further on the alleged.

Cyanide poisoning incident which took place in December public Enterprises Minister Praveen Gordon said that there would be a thorough investigation and anyone found to be responsible would be charged Sri Lanka on the first ODI on Tuesday India won the 2020 series to one and will be aiming to seal the ODI Series.

Against the Lankans Rohit Sharma will lead the team and hardik pandya will be his Deputy India and Sri Lanka will Clash for the first time at the Bar sapara Stadium in guwahati where the two were scheduled to meet in a 2020 International in 2020 but that match was abandoned due to rain more in our next report.

After an entertaining T20 International series India and Sri Lanka are all set to lock horns in a three-game ODI series which kicks off at the Bursa para Stadium guwahati on Tuesday the men in blue registered a massive 91 run win in the third T20 International to cleanse the series Surya Kumar yadav was the top performer.

As he smashed a brilliant 112 run knock in 51 balls to help India set up a massive total in ODI hardik pandya will be relegated to the position of the team’s Vice Captain with all format Skipper Rohit Sharma back in the side after recovering from his thumb injury he will also be joined by The Experience top order batters in former Skipper.

Virat Kohli and kale Rahul the return of these players makes India out and out favorites in this fixture apart from these shreyas Aya Muhammad shami kuldeep yadav and Muhammad siraj will be among the players returning to the side for the series but all eyes will be on Surya Kumar yadav who scored his 30-20 International Century on Saturday while.

The visitors will look to bounce back from the thumping loss in the third T20 International all-rounder the sun shunaka will lead the side in the Odis as well with all-rounder nawendo Fernando as the lone addition to their 17-member squad from the T20 International series India and Sri Lanka will Clash for the first time at the.

Barsa para Stadium where the two were scheduled to meet in a T20 International in 2020 but that match was abandoned due to rain talking about the pitch the Bursa para stadium has hosted only one ODI match so far back in 2018 when Rohit and Kohli starred with hundreds in a run Chase against West Indies but the venue has also hosted three T20 Internationals.

One recently in October 2022 the stadium in guwahati has presented a page where the Batters have a slight Advantage India and Sri Lanka have faced each other in 162 matches in ODI out of these India have won 93 whereas Sri Lanka have come out Victorious on 57 occasions 11 matches ended without a result one match ended with tight pose the first ODI in.

Goa hati the next two matches of the series will take place on 12th and 15th January at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata and Greenfield International stadium in thiruvananthapuram sports desk d India I’m just with India come back will be delayed further after a decision was taken not to play him in the ODI Series against Sri Lanka after all.

Umrah was not part of India’s original scold announced on 27th of December but was included for the three match series on January 3rd bumrah has been out of action since September last year because of our stress reaction in his back and has been rehabilitating at bcci’s National Cricket Academy in Bengaluru it remains to be seen whether the India.

Will pick bumrah for the ODI series against New Zealand which begins on the 18th of January Indian teenager anahat Singh enhanced her reputation as one of the best young talents in squash as she won a second British Junior open title and the 14 year old didn’t just win the title she dominated her way to the top of the.

Podium dropping just one game combined in four matches she played that game happened to be in the finals against Egypt sohaila has a hazim as India won 11 8 8 11 11 7 11 5 in 28 minutes this was also saying second British Junior open title having won the girls under 11 section in the 2019 Edition she had finished her runner-up in 2020 in the.

Girls under 13 category well that’s it then in tonight’s news night thanks for watching

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