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New UK Prime Minister Liz Truss faces calls to resign amid economic turmoil l GMA

New UK Prime Minister Liz Truss faces calls to resign amid economic turmoil l GMA

The crisis that’s rocking the new British government prime minister Liz truss in power less than six weeks is already facing calls to resign our foreign correspondent James Longman is in London with the latest good morning James yeah good morning Robin take a look at this headline Liz truss in office but.

Not in power this is a government surviving from day to day the US’s closest Ally is now in seemingly permanent economic and political turmoil the prime minister’s tax cutting plan which was the very idea that brought her into Power caused so much economic damage that it’s now been ditched almost entirely this is an embarrassing.

Reversal on a policy that caused the pound to crash and mortgage rates to soar and her apparent inability to Face the Nation is causing serious questions about her future the new Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt he’s the man many think is really calling the shots now she apologized in an interview last night but members of her own party.

Announced seriously considering getting rid of her but can Britain really accept a fifth conservative prime minister in just six years Michael it definitely would be a quick turnaround thank you so much James well hey there GMA fans Robin Roberts here thanks for checking out our YouTube channel lots of great stuff here so go on click the Subscribe button.

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