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New details about suspects charged in shooting death of OPP officer

New details about suspects charged in shooting death of OPP officer

Happening now the opp are updating the media after an officer was shot and killed near Hagersville last night let’s listen in unanswered questions surrounding this difficult event and as we speak our investigators are working hard to make sense out of a senseless act from all the members of the Ontario Provincial.

Police we’d like you to know that our officers appreciate the Public’s patience and overwhelming support as we navigate this heartbreaking event now before we begin our formal statements I’d like to ask you to mute your cell phones or speakers are not interrupted we will begin today’s remarks from Opp sorry OPP commissioner Thomas Carrick.

Followed by comments from Opp Haldeman County Detachment Commander inspector Phil Carter a q a session will follow the formal remarks and I want to mention that we are also live streaming today’s media conference live on our OPP west region Facebook and Twitter accounts as well which will remain there for your reference or to take clips should you.

Need it we are experiencing a few dropouts on it hopefully it’ll hold for now it is now my honor to turn things over over to OPP commissioner Thomas carrique thank you Derek Media Partners thank you very much for your patience I know I kept you waiting it was extremely important to me that I personally be.

Here to address you and through you the members of our organization and the members of our community as you all know yesterday on December 27th at approximately 2 p.m provincial Constable pochetta responded to a vehicle in a ditch west of Hagersville as you know over the course of these three to four days our officers.

Responded to literally hundreds of Motor Vehicles that had gone into ditches because of the weather literally hundreds of Motor Vehicle collisions but in this particular case provincial constiper Constable percella was shot and fatally injured moments after arriving on the scene this was and is devastating news to his.

Family and to our entire organization tragically since September of this year Greg is the fourth police officer in Ontario to be shot and killed while serving and protecting his community here in the province of Ontario provincial Constable proschetta was only 28 years old and had just been informed yesterday that he had completed his.

Probationary period with the Ontario Provincial Police despite his short time with us he had been patrolling independently since April of this year had earned himself a highly regarded and respected reputation from his peers for his dedication to duty his commitment to being there when his colleagues needed him most they knew.

They could rely upon him in the most dangerous and stressful of situations he was taken from us untimely by this tragic murder his family is grieving and we’re asking that we respect their privacy at this extremely difficult time our hearts go out to them we mourn with them and we will be alongside them throughout the journey that they have to.

Face as we first start to plan for a funeral and information of the funeral will be shared in the coming days I would like to extend my gratitude to our Emergency Response Team our canine unit our Aviation unit our tactics and rescue units Frontline officers and officers from six Nation Police Service who were able to locate and arrest the.

Two suspects responsible for the vicious murder of Greg we thank everyone for their support and patience yesterday while our officers continued to search for these dangerous suspects as a result Randall McKenzie age 25 and Brandi Stewart Sperry age 30 are both charged with first degree murder and both currently remain in custody.

It is my understanding that since 2018 Mackenzie has been prohibited for life for possessing any firearm and further that in 2021 Mackenzie was a gains charged with several Firearms related offenses and assaulting a peace officer he was later released on bail on a number of conditions which included to remain in his residence and not to.

Possess any Firearms amongst other restrictive conditions Mackenzie failed to attend court in answer to these charges on September the 6th 2022 and a warrant was subsequently issued for his arrest as well additional criminal charges were laid against McKenzie needless to say the murder of constable.

Of Greg the murder of constable Greg was preventable this should have never happened something needs to change our police officers your police officers my police officers the public deserve to be safeguarded against violent offenders who are charged with Firearms related offenses.

As you can imagine investigators from the opp criminal investigations Branch are conducting the investigation and they will be going door to door in the next few days canvassing for Witnesses I plead with you if you saw anything if you know anything please share this information with our investigators as I mentioned details of the funeral will be.

Shared once they’re finalized and our hearts and our sympathies and our prayers remain with provincial Constable priscellus family as we work through this tragedy together once again thank you for being here with us today and thank you for your patience well I made my way here from General headquarters in Aurelia Sarah.

Foreign thank you commissioner I’d like to invite OPP Haldeman County Detachment Commander inspector Phil Carter to come to the podium to make his remarks good evening I’m joined this evening by my staff sergeant Belinda Rose and obviously commissioner Creek I’d like to express my appreciation to all of you.

Assembled here and to the public for your patience and understanding as our Haldeman attachment members come to terms with this tragedy that has unfolded before us it’s been unimaginable and heartbreaking loss for our officers that worked alongside provincial.

Constable Greg purcella he was a son a brother and a friend and he’s no longer with us and that hurts the people of Haldeman County mississaugas of the credit Six Nations never got to see Greg’s bright promise grow into the impressive an exemplary law enforcement career that seemed almost predestined.

But we saw glimpses of that future before he was taken from us so suddenly Greg’s death is crushing loss for all of us throughout the organization and Beyond however there’s been hints of light in what has been a dark and profoundly sad time I’ve been heartened.

By the many heartfelt expressions of sympathy and support by the members of the community in our front lobby are many flowers cards expressing sadness and condolences from all Detachment members I wish to express my proud profound appreciation and aberration for all those community members that have expressed to us that.

Have gotten to know Greg and carry that burden along with us that his life mattered to them as much as it mattered to us there’s going to be difficult days before us for our members and for the community but I am very comforted to know that we’re not going to carry that burden.

Alone thank you so much that concludes our formal remarks which will open the floor to any questions that you may have I’d ask you please identify yourself the the immediate Outlet you’re working for and to whom you’d like to direct your question before asking your question thank you.

Commissioner he’s running over with CTA national news as you noted Mckenzie was released on bail there was a warrant out for his arrest he had previous assault with a weapon a Grand Theft Auto a long list of charges the fact he was out on bail and as a.

Result killed one of your officers allegedly what is your thoughts I’m outraged I’m outraged by the fact that Mckenzie was out on bail and was provided the opportunity to take the life of an innocent officer and I know that there’s a lot of interest ensuring to see that changes are made to ensure where.

Possible people who are charged with violent offenses that are firearms related are not in those positions moving forward can you share with us at all any working theories around a motive I cannot now that is something that will be examined in the course of the criminal investigation Commissioners.

Appreciating the fact that it’s an active investigation I think everybody’s just been wondering how a seemingly routine call equivalent to a deadly do you have any information about you know what exactly happened did you get out of the car and did he approach you know the suspects vehicle and ask them any questions you know how did this play out.

To the point where shots were fired officers only on scene for a very short period of time I can tell you that the officer was essentially ambushed and stood absolutely no chance of being able to defend himself the motives behind that the circumstances the timing of which are all part of the active ongoing investigation Yogi fired any shots.

Himself he did not discharge his firearm and are you guys clear yet on who fired the shot and who both parties have been charged with first degree murder that’ll be all examined throughout the course of the investigation and presented as evidence before the courts do we know what the relationship might.

Be between the two accused I’m sorry I do not you know if they’re from the area one is from Hamilton and one one is also from the area correct yes I understand there was a shooting was there any evidence to indicate that our officer was uh I’m not aware of any such evidence nor.

Any information that would lead me to believe that that’s any fact that’s factual at all no well yeah what part of me suspects Cleon what do we know that they did they did flee in a in a stolen vehicle and then they uh further fled on foot prior to being apprehended by our canine unit and our true unit okay so the car was an.

Eviction then they they left by another vehicle they did yes so to speak there’s a lot of events that happen in between the two but yes they do flee the scene they steal another vehicle by way of robbery they flee the scene in that vehicle they are then located by police tracked and apprehended so they didn’t encounter any.

Citizens during the prep for that vehicle they did it was a robbery they robbed they robbed they robbed the citizen of that motor vehicle and fled the scene I don’t have those details right you know where the vehicle was was robbed uh was was it on that structure it was right at the scene where the.

Officer was shot in the ditch I think it came around too it’s three hours later around five five thirty and then he you know could you explain to us you’re thinking behind that you know come sooner or was it because you know we’re still assessing the association or very Dynamic situation has to be.

Assessed by the major critical incident commander and those investigating it and they would have issued the the release as soon as they had enough information to ensure that they could produce what was required to issue a release what what went into the search can you see the information about that you know you know infrared scanners and there’s.

Helicopters under the air so we had we had our Aviation unit in the air we had obviously canine as I mentioned our Emergency Response Team our tactics and Rescue Unit front line officers a number of officers involved in the the search a number of specialty units all interoperable with six nations police and all orchestrated through our.

Provincial communications center are we talking to hundreds of officers I don’t know the exact number of officers so there were a number of officers involved obviously separately or did they find them within a short distance from each other is my understanding clarify if the incident the shooting.

Occurred in eagersville wasn’t on Six Nations was it on new credit uh sorry this is always the Credit First Nation my understanding is it is considered in Hagersville where the shooting took place OPP or the Police Service of jurisdiction as it relates to the criminal investigation the laying of the charges and assisting the with the.

Prosecution of those charges and so the two suspects were apprehended on Mrs hours of the credit I don’t know the exact location where they were apprehended but it was within fairly close proximity are you aware of or would there be any jurisdictional considerations uh if the territorial boundaries were.

Impacting where and when what happened there’s always jurisdictional considerations but I can tell you the interoperability and cooperation between the opp and Six Nations police is seamless Chief Darren Montour and his officers are some of the most professional police officers in this province and we enjoy enjoy a very close.

Working relationship with them and they have been at our side the entire time and are truly integrated into our team uh do you have someone like Johnson from CBC International uh just wondering uh you were saying that uh Constable appears-challa did not fire office he’s gone and all the details you have about.

When he first approached the two people who’ve been charged did he have a body cam or a recording device or are you going to the island this is a testimony he was equipped with a body-worn camera so that will form part obviously of the evidence that the investigators are working with as well as they are seeking independent witnesses to the events.

Which will form part of their canvas that they will be commencing tomorrow so despite having some video evidence we are relying on members of the community who saw anything to cooperate with the investigation I can appreciate the fact that it’s an ongoing investigation and you don’t have all the details there yet that you have.

A rough idea of the case is covered by the suspects of the time the slain officer uh you know approached their their vehicle in that ditch to where they were apprehended in order to be talking a thousands of kilometers I personally don’t have that information obviously our critical incident Commander will our.

Search Masters will our investigators will there are technical experts that will have that information it will all form part of the investigation and be disclosed throughout the the proceedings but I don’t have that information available to you today thank you very much thank you again all right well that will conclude.

Today’s event again thank you for attending and thank you for your patience and uh thanks to the public for their patience as well okay just a horrific Dory the opp is providing an update after two suspects were charged in the shooting death of constable Greg perchella Constable priscella was shot and killed near Hagersville yesterday.

Afternoon after responding to a call about a car in a ditch we are now learning he was ambushed an emotional OPP commissioner Thomas Carrick talking about this tragedy talking about how it’s impacted his Force his officers the officers family and the community we are also learning a man and woman are in custody they’re facing first degree.

Murder charges karik saying the male suspect in this case Randall Mckenzie was known to police he was previously charged with Firearms related offenses he was prohibited from possessing firearms and he was released on bail karik saying this should never have happened he says he is outraged that this man was out on bail and allegedly.

Killed one of his office officers police cannot comment on the motive at this time obviously it’s a very active investigation and they say funeral details will be released in the days to come we’re keeping a very close eye on this story for you tonight

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