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Nancy Pelosi Leaves Taiwan Amid Massive US-China Tension

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Nancy Pelosi Leaves Taiwan Amid Massive US-China Tension” here is their detail.

That's nancy pelosi's plane on the tarmac just about to take off and literally leave taiwan but that is the most senior u.s elected official wrapping up her taiwan visit in over 25 years that's the senior most elected u.s official visiting the country.

Now as we've been saying some in taiwan say that they were concerned about what china might do after nancy pelosi leaves but the military exercises that were announced they will be taking place as per schedule largely from thursday until sunday analysts also say the drills appear to be a signaling exercise to project.

Strength at home and abroad and they warned that an accidental encounter in this fast-moving situation could spiral out of control the military exercises could effectively block access even though temporarily to some commercial shipping lanes and taiwanese sports this is what experts who we've been talking to have been telling us.

At this point though it's unclear how the united states military would respond to these tests but during the crisis 26 years ago the united states sailed an aircraft carrier group through the taiwan strait things have changed in the past 26 years but analysts currently have question marks over what china may.

Do after nancy pelosi leaves taipei right many say nancy pelosi may view her trip to taiwan as a means to burnish her political legacy in the twilight of a long political career although she has not announced her retirement a republican win in november's midterm elections.

Could usher her out of power for the last time now beijing has made no secret of its fury at u.s speaker pelosi's visit to taiwan china claims taiwan is part of its territory and its foreign minister says the visit violates china's sovereignty now just to take you through what china.

Has done since it became apparent that nancy pelosi was actually visiting taiwan in fact just 16 minutes after pelosi touched down on tuesday night china announced it would hold days-long military drills which would include firing long-range ammunition in the waters around taiwan.

Beijing also said those drills would begin on thursday and beijing has demanded foreign ships and aircraft not to enter the zone during that period the seas around taiwan are busy shipping routes as we've mentioned taiwan says china's actions amount to a blockade which are in breach of international law.

China has also retaliated with economic blows blocking the trade of several key products between taiwan and the mainland and banning over 100 taiwanese food businesses it's also back blacklisted to taiwan organizations it said were linked to independence movements.

And as you know beijing has also called in the u.s ambassador to china and if we take a step a bit back looking at some of the key points about taiwan and its relation with china why exactly do china and taiwan have poor relations but the history of china and taiwan is long and complex if you do remember they were divided.

During a civil war in the 1940s but beijing insists the island will be reclaimed at some point even by force if necessary there you go nancy pelosi has taken off after waving her final goodbye as she wraps up her visit to taiwan.

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