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Nancy Pelosi arrives in Taiwan, prompting anger from China | ABC News

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Nancy Pelosi arrives in Taiwan, prompting anger from China | ABC News” here is their detail.

U.S speaker Nancy Pelosi has arrived in Taiwan prompting immediate Anger from China which is warned it will have a severe impact on relations between the two superpowers she is the highest ranking American official to visit the self-ruled island that is claimed by China in 25 years Beijing had warned the U.S was playing with fire if the trip.

Went ahead its planes flew near the territory ahead of the arrival and it's now scheduled military exercises and a missile test launches in the waters around the island it's a dramatic standoff that's likely to escalate further as Pelosi meets with the Taiwanese leader at leisure today will be live in the U.S for reaction a little.

Later but first here's our East Asia correspondent Bill Burgess in Taipei what a tremendous relief it must have been for Nancy Pelosi in the entire United States government her plane safely Landing late in the evening in Taipei after flying a very convoluted route from Malaysia the aircraft initially dodged the South China Sea by.

Flying East there appeared to be concerns about maybe a Chinese intercept attempt or something like that over those Waters and instead it flew up the Eastern side of the Philippines to approach Taiwan now just as the aircraft was Landing China's military announced that some of its fighter jets were crossing the Taiwan Strait in fact both.

China and the U.S deployed aircraft carriers in the region as well as fighter jets and refueling planes so a very tense atmosphere over these hours that Ms Pelosi's plane was in the air but after so much talk and threats and warnings from the Chinese side about what would happen if she did travel here she has been able to safely land the.

Trip has not not being derailed and on Wednesday there will be a site that will likely infuriate Chinese nationalists Nancy Pelosi a long time critic of the Chinese government meeting with taiwan's President Tsai ingwen a woman who China's State media often labels as a separatist Bill bertel's reporting

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