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N.S. man calls for change after wife’s agonizing ER death

N.S. man calls for change after wife’s agonizing ER death

Animal lover firefighter mother and wife that’s how Gunter holtoff wants people to remember his wife Ally just to Karen person over there for everybody on New Year’s Eve Ally felt stomach pains her husband took her here the hospital in Amherst Nova Scotia voltoff says his wife’s condition deteriorated in front of him I think she actually.

Said started saying that she was felt like she was dying in the waiting room outside but but she kept saying it more and more she said I’m I feel like I’m dying they’re going to let me die here and I just told her like no that’s why they got you in the hospital I’m here to get you fixed up and we’ll just be here.

Might be here a day or two but then we’ll go back to normal no big deal he says they waited six hours before seeing a doctor her pain so bad she lay on the ground in the fetal position only getting attention when things took a turn for the worse and she started screaming she’s first slowly she and quietly she.

Was saying help help holdoff now knows he watched his wife slowly die in front of him unfortunately I feel like we were neglected until she was to a point where they couldn’t ignore us anymore but at that point it was just too late 12 hours after they arrived at this ER she was gone it’s not clear what killed her but he believes if she’d been seen faster.

She might have lived Ali holthoff’s death put a spotlight on a sore point in Nova Scotia Healthcare especially in rural areas what it tells me is that there’s you know we have to fix Health Care in this province and we’re committed to doing that the Ministry of Health has launched an investigation to figure out exactly what happened the.

Investigation is a very important part of you know where we go with our next steps and the information we’re able to to provide the family members family members will be invited and included in the investigation that’s important to gun to hold off because when Ali died he took on new rules single father widower and now Advocate fighting to make sure.

That this doesn’t happen again so okay this story is that nightmare people have been you know worrying about and I guess Advocates have been warning that something like this could very well happen not just in Nova Scotia but across the maritimes that’s right Adrian in fact New Brunswick authorities are already.

Investigating multiple emergency room deaths that happened in the past year and on Prince Edward Island an emergency room nurse warned lawmakers last month that they too are overrun health ministries in all three provinces say they know this is a problem and it’s left maritimers worried that help might not be available for them when they need.

It the most Kate thanks very much for this

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