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Munster v Leinster | Instant Highlights | Round 10 | URC 2022/23

Munster v Leinster | Instant Highlights | Round 10 | URC 2022/23

Landmark gave him a course for Andrew Porter his 100th appearance tonight for Lancer he is the first to emerge from the dressing rooms is not a wonderful shot overhead from the drone camera okay I’ve come out on the wrong side of.

The Ledger too many times for their own liking in recent history they’ve lost the last three against Leinster at Tolman Park a nine of the last 10. birdie a puff of Breeze here on Tallman Park tonight and Ross Byrne reaches the 900 point mark in his Leinster career Combs gets very close to the line Omani there too Peter o’mahony now can he get.

A Tony he must have been over the line no he’s just been driven back short well enjoy yeah kilcoin is there Ryan is there it’s difficult coin he thought about stretch and he didn’t do it and then it’s picked up by Coons yeah yes so listen to the noise that creates the whistle of Chris Cosby and.

Gavin Coons 27th try and monster colors instead they go to Armani and they’re off and running here monster they’re very close they’re over the line that’s a penalty try if nothing else from Chris Busby under the posts on the line he’s taking everything Monster High defensively to hold him out and it might.

Be enough they’re going to go again so don Sheehan leads the charge and he pops it out brilliant absolutely brilliant disguise and sleight of hand and power from penny this has been a mass responsible Answer Man Down I don’t have any trick play here to just carry here.

So she and driving and he’s driving all the way and the monster hooker gets over the try line Casey fires it off to O’Donoghue and he steals again as well too they’re getting very close they’re through the middle Combs they must score here you feel over the top of Jesse and it goes from Patrick Campbell.

Kevin Coons couldn’t hold on to it the ball has been knocked forward and Chris Busby will bring This brilliant brilliant game to an end no one inside dolman Park wants it to end except Leinster certainly monster gave it their all but in the end they’ve come up won the point short it’s a 12th win in a row in all competitions for Leinster 10 out.

Of 10 in the URC

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