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Moskowitz: George Santos’ Lies Are ‘Just The Lowest Form Of Humanity’

Democratic Congressman elect Jared moscovitz of Florida is just one of the loudest voices calling Santos out for his lies about his religion in a tweet moskovitz wrote quote lying about your family almost being gassed in showers or being put in ovens in order to win an election is the lowest form of humanity and I say that as someone whose.

Grandmother was part of the Kinders transport out of Germany from the Holocaust and Congressman elect moskovitz joins us now Congressman elect thank you very much for for joining us your great-grandparents were killed in Auschwitz your grandparents barely escaped Europe on the Kinder transport there what do you make of what Santos is.

Claiming about his heritage yeah good morning uh so I mean look you know it starts with lying about your college it starts about lying about your job it goes to lying about a charity that he says he ran that he didn’t run then it goes about lying that he lost employees in a mass murder uh at Pulse Nightclub in Florida and it lies about.

His religion and then his peace the resistance of his trafficking and lies is that you know he has family members that escaped the Holocaust and so you know the idea that there’s someone out there someone announced serves in Congress who thought electorally it would be significantly advantageous to him that.

He would come up with a lie that he had family members close to him his grandparents Escape uh one of the world’s greatest tragedies uh it’s just the lowest form of humanity but not surprising unfortunately because this is what uh folks on his side of the aisle have learned they have learned this uh from you know the leader of their party.

Uh that you can you can traffic in these lies and you can get away with them I miss musculus stay with us because we want to play you um Santos referring to himself as Jewish at the Republican Jewish Coalition last month and then here his explanation when he was called out on his inconsistencies in a television interview just this week.

Listen to this oh good morning shabbat shalom to everybody amen thank you for for being here thank you for having me my name is George Santos Lee zeldon really paved the way for all of us in New York Lee has served as an inspiration as a friend and as a leader for for the.

Jewish folks in Congress and for all of us in this room by at point one point being just two members so now we’re going to be three are you Jewish we’ve got a letter that your campaign sent out earlier this year which reads as follows as a proud American Jew I’ve been to Israel numerous times for educational business.

And leisurely trips you said there in that letter that you are quote a proud American Jew how do you how do you explain that my Heritage is Jewish I’ve always identified as Jewish I was raised a practicing Catholic I think I’ve gone through this even I’ve not not being raised to practicing Jew I’ve always.

Joked with friends and circles even with in the campaign I’d say guys I’m Jewish remember I was raised Catholic so look I understand everybody wants to nitpick at me so Mr mil scoots would you at this point having listened to what Santos said back in 2019 then listen to his kind of excuse for what he was saying would you.

Expect the Republican caucus in the house on the Jewish members of Congress to stand up and say to Kevin McCarthy but actually all Republican members of Congress to stand up and say to Kevin McCarthy we can’t sit this guy the lies he’s told are too egregious yeah look I I the Republican Jewish.

Coalition I know is taking the position that he won’t be invited to any of their events but listen as as you all know what’s going on in Washington right now the Republicans have been begging for power for years saying everything the Democrats are doing wrong uh and in their very first moment of having power they’re in complete disarray and can’t.

Decide on a speaker uh and so you and I both know they’re not getting rid of anybody at the moment uh while each vote counts but it really is a shame uh that we have now someone walking the halls of Congress the first person that I’ve ever heard of uh especially in politics who uh you know thought you know what I need to add to my resume I need to add the.

Fact that the only reason I exist on this planet is because my family escaped the Holocaust I mean it’s just the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard of uh and something tells me that this story is not finished uh that we’re we’re going to hear more because if you’re willing to lie that your family members just you know now early Escape.

Gas Chambers then something tells me we’re going to find other stuff as they continue unravel okay Congressman elect it’s Sam Stein here and look us members of the tribe we welcome everybody but there are limits probably in terms of appropriating your biography um I’m curious as a practical matter.

What are like the Avenues of recourse here um obviously the house has to vote uh to expel a member and we do not necessarily expect that uh to be considered from a republican house but is it really just a matter of did he lie on his financial disclosure form is that the one mechanism that could prove vulnerable.

For Congressman Alex Santos here because everything else seems to be in the hands of Kevin McCarthy and as you outlined he wants the Santos vote for his speakership yeah listen I I think and again there’s probably stuff we don’t know if people are combing through some of his financial reports uh and and other forms.

That he may have lied on that might have a legal repercussion and so there’s definitely uh I know people are looking into that and I’m sure they might find that he has some legal exposure it at least appears right now that that may be uh the potential recourse but look we we don’t get a long time to serve in Congress as we all know and so you know.

He’s going to be back on the ballot in two years uh he’s going to have an election uh running for re-election in in less than a year’s time from now uh and so you know like there’s no way the voters are going to stand for this I mean you know again this guy started with lying that you know he had employees die uh at a at a mass shooting.

In the Pulse Nightclub and thought you know what that’s I got away with that what else can I get away with uh well let’s try the Holocaust and so look you know that we absolutely welcome people who uh discover that they’re Jewish want to be Jewish but there’s no such thing as being Jew and then ish with a hyphen in between he stole that from the Jewish.

Cookbook by the way uh called Jewish Cooking so uh you know look this guy’s a clown he doesn’t belong in Congress he cheapens quite frankly everybody else Republicans and Democrats uh that are coming up to Washington to do the people’s business that have worked really hard earned uh the ability to be there and so you know we’ll have to see.

Where this where the story ends but something tells me this is this is just the beginning of George Santos’s uh Journey Congressman elect Jared Moskowitz said we think you are right that there will be more revelations in the days ahead thank you so much you may find out that George says he was in The Book of.

Revelations I mean who knows that at this point we seem to be on Pace for that thank you so much for joining us this morning foreign

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