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More than 300 properties in B.C. Interior ordered to evacuate as wildfire spreads

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “More than 300 properties in B.C. Interior ordered to evacuate as wildfire spreads” here is their detail.

The situation is changing by the hour in southern BC right now where wildfires are chasing people from their homes more than 300 properties are under an evacuation order because of one rapidly growing fire and that number could more than double in the next few days that's because the Wildfire has quintupled in size residents are on alert and could be.

Asked to leave at any moment Garrett Berry is tracking this story for us so Garrett what's the latest well officials know that when they get up this morning and the sun comes up and they can get a look at this fire it's going to be bigger than they previously thought yesterday evening they expanded their estimate saying smoke was.

Obscuring the full view of the caramos Creek Fire since that smoke has cleared they can see that Flames have spread right now the fire is burning between the Apex ski resort the Penticton Indian band and Highway 3A officials are building a fire camp and working to host more than 100 firefighters that are going to come into the area to help but.

Despite their best efforts yesterday was a tough day evacuation orders spread and so did the Flames temperatures reached 35 degrees in the afternoon so conditions were just ripe for the fire to spread it's also a very challenging one this is in a hilly area where it's hard for machines to work the good news Hannah is that there may be some.

Improvements in the forecast firefighters are going to try to take full advantage of that and Gary at how are residents managing there are a few hundred people who live year round at the Apex ski resort and that is the area that has been hit most by this evacuation order it can be hard you know for a lot of.

People this is their home it's where they live and where they've lived for years but everybody has been really great for this this whole situation um and very reasonable too so the resort itself is also taking special measures what you're seeing right now are snow machines that are.

Just pumping water into the air they're hoping the humidity will slow down the path of this fire others though are not waking waiting for any order to come David Brooks said he and his friends work to get his chickens off his property once he saw the Flames jump a nearby Ridge uh you know it was Smoky it was kind of.

Like uh being in Mars there was no real sunlight it was kind of an orange Eerie glow uh very still uh the air was very still the challenge for everybody leaving their homes that has been faced with an evacuation order is to try to find out where they should stay now officials with the city of Penticton are asking.

All of everybody who's coming out of Apex the hundreds or so to see if they can stay with family and friends if they can because that would free up hotel rooms for those who don't have any other option Anna okay Garrett thank you kindly

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