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More firms in retail, healthcare and tourism sectors harnessing metaverse technologies

More firms in retail, healthcare and tourism sectors harnessing metaverse technologies

Of Singapore’s home-grown metaverse firms are seeing more companies from sectors like retail and tourism jumping into the space but a lack of manpower to build the virtual Realms as well as the cryptocurrency slump are challenges they have yet to overcome Michelle Tio with more all it takes is a VR headset to give.

Participants all they need to fully explore how the metaverse works and feels I feel like I get to get immersed into um like like in a movie like being one of the characters you don’t feel like you’re confused or you’re imagining things so it felt very real this may seem like an amusing.

Distraction now but firms in the retail Healthcare and tourism sectors are taking them seriously they’re harnessing engagement games in these metaverses to build their brands and reach out to more clients now you might win something and when you arrive in Singapore you are directed to the physical location to pick up say tickets to pick up.

Merchandise so that automatically drives football to the venues and attractions other firms are focusing instead on building a digital community of like-minded artists to interact and co-create on the platform eventually of course we will be giving them more utilities like maybe games and other other functions that we want to um.

Give to our holders but it’s up to the community to decide to vote what are the things they really want to see can the biggest is finding Talent with the right skill sets to design and build the metaspace they need our job description for example is a little bit different from most tech companies we actually require our each and every one of our.

Tech staff to team members to have at least two domain knowledge in areas that a lot of schools don’t teach there’s also a new buzzword digital combining digital and physical shopping experiences for retail customers what we are trying to do is not just providing a metaverse nft but we’re also trying to work with like.

Uh Brands designers and artists to create like physical products that our holders or our community may like crypto crash doesn’t bode well for the fictional future that’s because cryptocurrencies are typically used to buy and sell things in the metaverse still some firms are expanding to accept fiat currency payments this in hopes.

That it will boost metaverse adoption in the new year

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