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More details about the deadly shooting of OPP Const. Grzegorz “Greg” Pierzchala

More details about the deadly shooting of OPP Const. Grzegorz “Greg” Pierzchala

Back to our top story this morning we’re learning more details about the deadly shooting of Opp Constable Greg piercalla and we’re also learning more about the two people charged with first-degree murder in his death we’ll take you live now to cp24’s Crime analyst Steve Ryan for the latest on this investigation and Steve you were saying that the motive.

For this deadly shooting could be tied to one of the suspect’s extensive criminal history and the fact that that person may have been returning into custody and I’ll get to that in a sec but yes this is what uh just my opinion what I suspect may have been part of the motive as to why this officer was killed in Cold Blood so our.

Courts can’t prohibit a person from owning or possessing a firearm if they are convicted of a firearm offense or a very violent offense amongst other things as well and back in 2018 this man was prohibited by the courts from possessing a firearm fast forward to 2021. according to the opp the allegations are that the same individual.

Was arrested and charged with several other firearm offenses and assaulting a police officer he was then released on a bill and his bail conditions were not to possess Firearms ironic to remain at home and to attend court this past September to answer to those charges he failed to attend court in September which meant.

That there was another charge added to the list of charges that being failing to appear in court that in of itself is an arrestable offense once you are located by police so put yourself in the mind if you can of this guy now who knows all of this knows all of these things that he has done knows he’s got a gun on him knows that he did not attend.

Court and there is a warrant for his arrest knows that he’s not at home because he’s in a ditch in a car with a woman and now a police officer is approaching this officer has no idea who this person is but the officer is approaching to assist this couple in getting their vehicle out of a ditch here’s the rest from the commissioner of.

The opp who we heard from yesterday let’s listen to him the officer was essentially ambushed and stood absolutely no chance of being able to defend himself the motives behind that the circumstances the timing of which are all part of the active ongoing investigation he did not discharge his firearm.

So had that guy been identified he would have been arrested on the spot brought back to the courts and most likely would not have been released because he’s already shown once that he could not be trusted to attend court as he was expected to in September and lastly very quickly both cut the couple the man and the woman were charged with first degree.

Murder and that’s because anytime you were accused of killing a police officer of murdering a police officer that is the automatic charge set it back here

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