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Monkeypox outbreak: Delhi reports 4th case, India tally goes up to 9

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Monkeypox outbreak: Delhi reports 4th case, India tally goes up to 9” here is their detail.

According to sources Delhi has reported its fourth monkey pox case as a Nigerian citizen tested positive for the disease the patient is a 31 year old woman with this the total number of monkey pox infections in India stands at nine as India's monkey pox infections rise the union health Ministry has released a list of do's and don'ts on this disease.

The center said that the need to maintain distance from infected people remains and has urged people not to discriminate against those who are infected today the fourth case of monkey pox has been confirmed in the capital it might it might be the fourth in the capital but it is definitely nine in the country now this case is found in a 30.

31 year old Nigerian woman who was living in Delhi we did see that in the last three cases three cases out of four it was found in Nigerian people who were living in Delhi and uh and uh you know the union health Ministry you know has a you know issued certain guidelines for the people to follow now for first and foremost is to you know avoid any kind.

Of physical contact with the infected person they are said to not to share any kind of materials garments clothes handkerchief towels with the infected person now for the infected people the union health Ministry has said you know for them to track all the people who have come in contact with them for at least a month now the union health.

Ministry has very specifically said that all the covet protocols that we were following be it the mask be the social distancing or be the hand hygiene should be followed even in Monkey pops as well now we did see you know yesterday the health Minister while addressing the house informed about certain steps that the central government is taking he.

Talked about the central task force which have been made not just to monitor the developments of vaccine but also to assist the state government in uh fighting monkey pox talking about the Delhi government now the has been you know assuring the people that there is no need to panic uh people uh the government has been taking steps.

And we saw 20 isolation rooms have been made at lnjp alone uh you know for to fight monkey pox

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