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Monkeypox death in India raises many concerns; is there a reason to panic?

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Monkeypox death in India raises many concerns; is there a reason to panic?” here is their detail.

Days after the death of one person with monkey box-like symptoms in the state another monkey box case has been confirmed in kerala as a uae attorney tested positive today health minister masuk mandavia has informed that eight monkey box cases had been detected in the country to date of these eight five have a history of.

International travel from dubai and sharjah with the government now asking the ua to coordinate with india on monkey box positive cases has raised many concerns since the fatality rate of the disease is extremely low and only few deaths have been reportedly recorded outside africa till date the death in kerala has.

Surprised many death from the virus is reportedly rare though as the experience of kobit 19 shows it could vary depending on the population at hand according to the who the case fatality ratio of monkey box has historically ranged from 0 to 11 percent in the general population.

And has been higher among young children but as the data suggests the fatality rate of this virus is extremely low in monkey box deaths in brazil and spain the patients were reported to have had serious syndromes though it is unclear what role the virus played in their disease outcome the death in kerala highlights the need.

For a thorough probe as well as a public disclosure on the case progression because as per kerala's health authorities the patient was admitted not after being confirmed to be monkey pox positive but due to a fever and experiencing fatigue it was only later that the rashes and blisters showed up.

According to experts the main cause of worry is that there is no specific treatment for this virus only supportive care is available hence we need to be extra cautious in this regard after the first step but need not to panic as doctors and governments are working to prevent the spread

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